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What’s the Best Way to Generate High-Quality B2B Leads on LinkedIn?

Several of our partnerships here at Tuff are with B2B businesses who are looking for new and fresh ways to generate leads – and quality ones at that. B2B is a different ballpark than D2C and you have to get creative when it comes to how you target, the ads you test, the CTAs you […]

LinkedIn Advertising in 2022: LinkedIn Ad Examples From Tuff Clients

Author’s Note: This post was originally published in 2020. It has since been updated for 2022!  LinkedIn advertising has been quickly gaining momentum as a critical tactic for our clients at Tuff —and for good reason. As a growth marketing agency, we’re constantly testing new channels and tactics to find the right mix for our […]

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Ads: Metrics, Insights, Tools, and Tips

Author’s Note: This post was updated on November 8, 2022 with new content, resources, links, and information.  Here at Tuff, we love to shout 🗣️ “diversify your channel mix!” 🗣️ from the rooftops – especially when it comes to paid social advertising. The more channels you can implement into your marketing mix, the more times […]