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Before Tuff

Accounts are unorganized, things slip, limited communication, all reports, and no action, it’s tough to see where things stand, and people are stressed.


After Tuff

Everything is organized in one place, daily communication, focused Google Ads strategy and execution, results delivered, progress is clear, and a sense of trust sets in.

Google Ads Case Studies

Startups, Scale-ups, And Beyond


How We Decreased Pathstream’s CAC by 59% YoY

When development capabilities are limited, we needed to get creative when it came to optimizing Facebook and paid search campaigns on Google to hit those CAC targets Heres how we drove down their Facebook CPL by 63% year over year.


Google Ads: How Tuff Optimizations Turned $172 of Extra Ad Spend Into $192,853 More in Sales

In this case study, we explain how we took $172 extra in ad spend and turned it into $192,853 in additional sales for Renogy.


From Google Ads to Reddit: How We Tested 7 Different Acquisition Channels to Get Better Applicants for Sabio

Read about our experimentation process and the original channels we chose to help an early-stage company acquire new users online.

“The team at Tuff knows their stuff – and it’s precisely why they are not selling ‘magic’ or any kind of ‘mysterious sauce.’

Instead, they are betting on transparency and experimentation, and it seems to be working well: The agency was warmly recommended to TechCrunch multiple times via our growth marketing survey.”


We’ve got the right tricks, tools, and tactics.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Automated bid strategies
  • Granular & broad retargeting
  • Ad copy development
  • Budget pacing
  • Search term reporting
  • Quality score improvements
  • GTM setup
  • New beta releases
  • GA4 integration
  • Youtube ads campaign management
  • Conversion tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Shopping feed optimizations
  • Display campaign management

“I view our partnership with Tuff as more like an extension of my team.

We strategize together, ask tough questions, examine the results, optimize – and it just keeps getting better. Exactly what I was looking for.”

– Brad Veach | VP of Marketing at Thnks

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Make an impact at every stage of the funnel with Google Ads

When utilized to the fullest, Google Ads is a platform that drives quality traffic from audiences at every stage of the funnel. At Tuff, we harness best-in-class optimizations to capture all existing demand to focus on conversion metrics, while also constantly testing keywords, ad types, and creative to move the needle on Brand Awareness.


Running ads on a computer.
Using Programmatic to Assist Your Growth Marketing Channel Mix


At Tuff, our team is well-versed at a variety of growth marketing tactics. On a daily basis, we partner with clients to set the roadmap and then get to work experimenting with a variety of different tactics based on their goals.

Ethan, Growth Marketer

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