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Reach your target audience on TikTok to build awareness and drive the right traffic to your site. Showcase what makes you great with help from our experienced TikTok Ads agency team.

Before Tuff

Accounts are unorganized, things slip, limited communication, all reports, and no action, it’s tough to see where things stand, and people are stressed.

After Tuff

Everything is organized in one place, daily communication, focused Google Ads strategy and execution, results delivered, progress is clear, and a sense of trust sets in.

Creative + Campaign Strategy

Ad creative is critical for success on TikTok.

When it comes to developing ad creative for TikTok, it’s all about testing, testing, and testing again. Then testing some more. At Tuff, we’re ruthless about throwing out creative that’s not converting and making more of what is. So instead of relying on slow-moving and expensive creative agencies, we create UGC-forward, high-impact video assets designed for each stage of the customer journey on TikTok.

Tuff’s approach to TikTok creative is simple and proven:

This past year alone, we’ve launched hundreds of ads on TikTok and we’ve put each asset under a microscope.  We know how to create TikTok ads that drive traffic, conversions, and results for your brand.

Step 1

Get specific with audiences & campaign setup so we understand the focus of our message testing

Step 2

Develop low-budget/high-impact channel-specific creative with intentional messaging variety

Step 3


Step 4

Measure, analyze, learn

Step 5

Develop a new round of creative fueled by data-driven insights



“The team at Tuff knows their stuff – and it’s precisely why they are not selling ‘magic’ or any kind of ‘mysterious sauce.’ Instead, they are betting on transparency and experimentation, and it seems to be working well: The agency was warmly recommended to TechCrunch multiple times via our growth marketing survey.”

Tuff in Techcrunch, (Full Article)

Drive full-funnel growth with TikTok in your media mix.

 Regardless of the role of TikTok in the media mix, there are 5 key principles of TikTok ad success:

Deep understanding of your best audience segments
Proper campaign structure and campaign type
TikTok-specific assets with the right hook for each audience segment
Clear user funnels and product flow
Correct measurement framework, bespoke reporting, and analytics


A TikTok ads agency is like having your very own squad of TikTok experts to help your business shine on the platform. These experts offer a bunch of helpful services, like coming up with strategic campaign ideas, creating platform-native videos, keeping an eye on your stats, finding your ideal audience, and making sure you play by TikTok’s rules.

So, why team up with a TikTok ads agency? Well, if you’re eager to make the most of TikTok’s advertising magic but don’t have all the know-how or resources in-house, these agencies are your go-to pals. They know TikTok inside and out, and they’ll help you reach your goals and connect with the right crowd on the platform.

When it comes to hiring a TikTok ads agency, the costs can vary significantly, influenced by various factors. Here are some key factors to bear in mind:

  • Advertising Budget: Your overall advertising budget plays a pivotal role in determining the total cost. Typically, the more you invest in TikTok advertising, the more the agency may charge for managing and optimizing your campaigns. Agencies frequently apply a percentage-based fee linked to your ad spend.
  • Creative Requirements: Effective creative content is essential on platforms like TikTok. It can significantly impact your results. While additional creative services may increase the overall cost, they are often well worth it to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Campaign Complexity: The complexity of your advertising campaigns can also affect costs. If your campaigns are relatively simple, with straightforward ad creatives and minimal targeting, the cost may be on the lower side. However, for intricate campaigns involving various ad formats, precise targeting, and extensive creative work, the cost is likely to be higher.

It’s crucial to have open discussions about your budget and campaign objectives with the TikTok ads agency you’re considering. Most agencies, such as Tuff, are willing to provide a personalized proposal tailored to your specific needs and budget. This way, you can have a clear understanding of the expected costs and ensure they align with your advertising goals.

While we don’t manage influencers at Tuff, we have an extensive network of creators we tap for TikTok ad creation and a proven process of working with your existing influencers to repurpose or create new content for ads.

The most important “ingredient” to getting this “recipe” right is our team’s ability to act like an extension of your in-house team; having dedicated conversations and building relationships with your creatives and community/influencer managers so that there’s open communication, tons of support, and big creative energy and fun.

Crafting your brand’s narrative and conveying its value in under 15 seconds may not be a walk in the park, but it’s entirely attainable. If you can unlock this secret, TikTok has the potential to become a powerful catalyst for your brand’s growth.

The crux of TikTok advertising success lies in the ingenuity of your ad creative. It’s not just about the content itself; it’s equally about how well it harmonizes with TikTok’s culture, seizes the viewer’s attention, and sparks interaction. A well-executed ad creative can supercharge your ad performance, expanding your reach and ultimately realizing your advertising objectives.

Here at Tuff, our TikTok Ads team is in a constant state of exploration, trying out fresh creative concepts for our clients. If something doesn’t click, we swiftly pivot and continue experimenting with novel ideas until we discover the winning formula. Your success is our mission!

What does success look like for you on TikTok?

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