Diversify your channel mix with TikTok ads.

Let’s level up your acquisition and awareness efforts with highly-targeted campaigns on TikTok.

Tuff is your TikTok Ads agency.

Reach your target audience on TikTok to build awareness and drive the right traffic to your site. Showcase what makes you great with help from our experienced TikTok Ads agency team.


Before Tuff

All the budget on Facebook and Instagram, wasted ad spend, no testing, limited optimizations, and confusing results.


After Tuff

Strategic audience targeting, experience, data-driven analysis, multi-channel efforts, creative recommendations, and higher performing TikTok campaigns.

Positive outcomes on TikTok for dozens of DTC, B2B, Fintech, Saas, and eCommerce businesses.

“The team at Tuff knows their stuff – and it’s precisely why they are not selling ‘magic’ or any kind of ‘mysterious sauce.’

Instead, they are betting on transparency and experimentation, and it seems to be working well: The agency was warmly recommended to TechCrunch multiple times via our growth marketing survey.”


Creative + Campaign Strategy

We believe ad creative is critical for success on TikTok.

When it comes to developing ad creative for TikTok, it’s all about testing, testing, and testing again. Then testing some more. At Tuff, we’re ruthless about throwing out creative that’s not converting and making more of what is. So instead of relying on slow-moving and expensive creative agencies, we create UGC-forward, high-impact video assets designed for each stage of the customer journey on TikTok.

Your TikTok Ads Should Drive Real Results.

Get ready to supercharge your TikTok Ads account

  Audience research

  Custom audiences

  Lookalike audiences

  Optimized bid strategies

  Relevant ad copy

  Conversion tracking

  Competitor research

  A/B ad testing

  Budget and result projections

  Shared KPIs and metrics

Experienced, reliable, incredible. Hear what else our wonderful clients are saying about Tuff.

To serve you as effectively as possible, we focus on services provided rather than hours worked only.

Instead of paying us an hourly rate, you pay us a fixed rate, and then we allocate our time, people, and resources that make the most sense for your strategy at that point in time.


Best for startups and early stage brands

$12,500 /mo

You’ll be paired with a growth marketer and a small team who will create a strategic growth roadmap and focus on one to two tactics.

Weekly Hours: 15 – 18

Team: 3

Tactics: 1 – 3


Best for scaleups and mid-sized businesses

$25,000 /mo

Grow your business on demand with campaign strategy and execution from a seven-person, specialized team.

Weekly Hours: 30 – 35

Team: 7

Tactics: 3 – 5


Best for mid-sized and large companies


Plug in a complete team to own all your growth marketing efforts. Each team member curated to your business.

Weekly Hours: 35+

Team: 7+

Tactics: 5+


  • Persona Development
  • Wireframes and User Flow Audits
  • Messaging & Design Optimization
  • Landing-Page Optimization
  • Performance Ad Creative
  • A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing
  • Paid Media Planning and Buying
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Strategy and Production
  • Technical SEO Implementation
  • Analytics Tracking and Reports
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

I view our partnership with Tuff as more like an extension of my team.

We strategize together, ask tough questions, examine the results, optimize – and it just keeps getting better. Exactly what I was looking for.”

Brad Veach | Vice President of Marketing at Thnks


What does success look like for you?

Let’s create it together!

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