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We sometimes get questions about how other clients work with Tuff to reach their growth goals — so we’re sharing some stories to help bring our services to life.


Small Pivot, BIG Results: How We Generated a 659% Increase in Non-Branded Organic Site Traffic for AKKO

Here’s the story of how we increased AKKO’s non-branded organic traffic by 659% in just 6 months, after months of lackluster SEO performance.

Tuff Questions

How do we know if our ad creative is working?

When we develop creative that starts and ends with data, we don’t just drive down your cost per click, we generate business insights and hone in on target audience in a way that can drive results all across the board.

CASE STUDY Teachable

How These Three Companies Use TikTok for B2B Marketing

Is your B2B brand on TikTok? If the answer is no, you might’ve read that question and thought “No, our target audience is not using TikTok so why would we be”, or, “Isn’t TikTok mainly used by Gen-zs or Millennials”.


Wait! Come Back! How Our Email Winback Strategy Converted at 27%

At its simplest, Dumpling is a grocery delivery app. But dig a bit further and you’ll see that Dumpling is taking a service that has historically capitalized on the gig economy and flipping it.

“I view our partnership with Tuff as more like an extension of my team.

We strategize together, ask tough questions, examine the results, optimize – and it just keeps getting better. Exactly what I was looking for.”

– Brad Veach | VP of Marketing at Thnks

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From Google Ads to Reddit: How We Tested 7 Different Acquisition Channels to Get Better Applicants for Sabio

Read about our experimentation process and the original channels we chose to help an early-stage company acquire new users online.


Kicking Dynamic Creative Ads to the Curb: How we Decreased CPA by 66% For Joyn

We break down how we dropped CPA by 66% for Joyn by replacing dynamic creative ads on Facebook with non-dynamic creative ads.

Tuff Questions

What is Tuff’s client sweet spot? Where are truly best-in-class?

We have found success working with teams in nearly every industry, from early traction startups to large enterprises. The basic guidelines: our best fit is anyone looking to acquire new customers and scale their company through modern channels, tools, and frameworks.


How We Used Clearbit to Generate More Quality Leads for Thnks

In this case study, we share our experimentation process with Clearbit and how it helped to create more quality leads.

Tuff Questions

How do we best leverage SEO and content to drive compounding growth?

Content is any content created with the goal of solving problems for your audience. It’s when you can consistently create content that says, “Oh, you’re having a problem doing this. Here’s some way that you could solve this.

CASE STUDY Pathstream

How We Decreased Pathstream’s CAC by 59% YoY

When development capabilities are limited, we needed to get creative when it came to optimizing Facebook and paid search campaigns on Google to hit those CAC targets Heres how we drove down their Facebook CPL by 63% year over year.


How We Outranked Home Depot for the #1 Position

When we first took over SEO implementation for all of Renogy’s international sites nobody had previously been maintaining their technical SEO. So we put together a SEO strategy to increase organic traffic and revenue. This is how we did it.


We’ve got a wide range of expertise, just see for yourself


Boosting Conversion Rate for AKKO: Social Ad Strategy + Creative + Web Design

In this case study, learn how we helped AKKO, a consumer fintech startup, increase conversions by over 1,186% with a well-rounded landing page strategy.


Pairing Market Boom With an eCommerce Growth Strategy

In this case study, we look at how we prioritized SEO improvements while using Google, Facebook, Retargeting, and Criteo ads to drive sales that lead to an 88% Increase in Revenue.

Tuff Questions

We are a startup, should we hire a growth agency like Tuff?

The ultimately frustrating (but only true) response: it depends. But, we’ve worked hard to help fledgling founders, startups, and scale ups, find pathways to real, sustainable growth.


How to Increase Your Organic Traffic by 117% in 90 Days: The Inside Story of Salams’ SEO Strategy

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Tuff Questions

What type of growth model is right for our business?

Even when a startup starts to grow, there’s an endless amount of work involved to establish your growth model and sticking to it. It’s not for the faint of heart. But, it’s for this very reason that we created Tuff in the first place.


Onboarding Emails: Three things that increased clicks by 50%

In this post, we’re going to focus on just one of the tactics in our full growth strategy: onboarding emails and how we were able to increase clicks by 50%.


Google Ads: How Tuff Optimizations Turned $172 of Extra Ad Spend Into $192,853 More in Sales

In this case study, we explain how we took $172 extra in ad spend and turned it into $192,853 in additional sales for Renogy.

“Tuff is an amazing team, extremely organized, and driven to produce results!

We have churned through multiple agencies in our lifetime, and have been so impressed by Tuff.”



Bikes: How We Helped Cleary Rank on Page 1 And Snag a Slice of the 135k Monthly Search Volume

Cleary Bikes is not just any kids bike brand. The company—based out of Oakland, CA—makes among the highest-quality kids bikes out there.

Tuff Questions

How does Tuff fit into our existing team?

We hire for two core roles at Tuff. We have growth marketers who are big-picture strategists as well as channel experts who are deeply experienced in a particular type of marketing. Each account we work with is paired with a growth marketer and then at least three to five different channel experts.


Facebook and Instagram Ads: How to go from $0 to $43,000/day Ad Spend on Facebook in 60 Days

In this case study, we explain how we took Felt from $0 spend per day on Facebook and Instagram to $43,000 spend per day in less than 60 days.

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