Unlock the performance of your startup and team

We help startups grow with less hassle, risk, and cost by implementing high-impact strategies, teams, and campaigns to quickly drive results and key learnings. Once we’ve laid out a clear plan and testing framework, we’ll collaborate directly with you to drive meaningful outcomes.

A startup’s growth strategy should be in a league of its own

We’ll bring in a full-stack growth team that will work seamlessly as an extension of your in-house marketing team. This means we’ll be doing things like quick message testing, crafting incredibly effective web pages, managing media, optimizing ads, developing content, and A/B testing. We’re all set to seamlessly join forces with your existing marketing team to support your overarching strategy and handle all the nitty-gritty execution.


Startups, Scaleups, and Beyond

Ecommerce SMBs 5 min read

Tackling Rising Acquisition Costs with an Ad Creative Testing Framework

up arrow 1.4M

Increase in Impressions

up arrow 45%

Increase in CRV

up arrow 57%+

Increase in Total Sales

down arrow $200+


Ecommerce SMBs 5 min read

Scaling Results By Diversifying Channel Mix: Using Third-Party Data to Unlock Growth on Meta

up arrow 23%

Increase in Lead → MQL Rate with Clearbit

up arrow 16%

Increase in MQLs*

down arrow 16%

Decrease in CPQL*

Ecommerce SMBs 5 min read

Proving ROI on YouTube Awareness Campaigns for B2C SaaS brand

up arrow 70%

Increase in Total Users

up arrow 52%

Increase in Total Sessions

up arrow 81%

Increase in Organic Sign-Ups

What We Do

Explore our startup growth strategies and results.

We are proud to partner with clients of all stages, sizes and industries on meaningful work.

My overall feelings towards Tuff are like, I’m kind of giddy, and I have this warm, fuzzy feeling in my chest.

They‘re just always moving forward… It tends to be kind of a stair step growth rather than two steps forward, one step back. It’s really fun to be working with people who seem to be excited about what they specialize in, to the level that I’m excited too.

Levi Kujala
Co-Founder and CEO


We focus on finding traction and scale for brands, ideas, and campaigns for teams of all sizes.

“The Tuff team is truly in a league of their own – just genuinely good people who are unequivocally amazing at what they do. They are each so passionate and skilled in their respective crafts, and their ambition is contagious. Our meetings are the highlight of my week!”

Jamie Ward
Director of Growth at Sharetown

“We’ve been working with Ellen and the Tuff team for just over 7 months and have been impressed with their knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism and execution. Tuff has been instrumental in helping us make a monumental jump in search ranking, as well as site traffic and leads generated through our site!”

Landy Kindle
Tech Heads

“I view our partnership with Tuff as more like an extension of my team. We strategize together, ask tough questions, examine the results, optimize – and it just keeps getting better. Exactly what I was looking for.”

Brad Veach
VP of Marketing at Thnks

“Tuff has been an incredible value-add to our business. They’re effective, flexible, communicative, and bright. I feel like I have another set of 6+ eyes on the growth of my business at all times.”

Michael Correo
Co-founder, Team Bootcamp

“Tuff is an amazing team, extremely organized, and driven to produce results! We have churned through multiple agencies in our lifetime, and have been so impressed by Tuff.”

Sashee Chandran
Founder and CEO at Tea Drops

“Very knowledgeable team at Tuff – fast moving with a get it done attitude. Looking forward to a continued partnership and future success.”

Jordan Bevans
Head of Strategic Projects, Findex

“Great team to work with. Very experienced, quick to respond and always willing to pivot based on feedback. I have really enjoyed working with the Tuff team and have learned a ton from them!”

Laurens Spethmann
Growth Lead at Headway

“The entire Tuff Team is amazing, which is no surprise because their leadership is exceptional. Ellen has put together one of the most amazing firms out there, and we are so happy to be working with TUFF.”

Liliana Aide Monge
Co-Founder at Sabio

Work with a team of strategic operators

You’re not just looking for individual specialists; you need a team that can link the pieces together and propel your growth to new heights. Each member of our team is a skilled pro with a proven history of real-world success. One thing that sets us apart is our commitment to open and real-time communication. We’re natural collaborators, and our communication toolbox is key to our successful teamwork. We have shared Slack channels with every client and rely on various resources like weekly calls, dashboards, and shared documents, monthly and quarterly planning all to ensure we’re always working in harmony and on the same page.

Use Tuff to accelerate your compounding growth curve

Before we even dive into sending you a proposal, we’re going to immerse ourselves in your accounts and resurface with all the right questions. We want to take the time to truly understand your business, your goals, and your brand. So, when our proposal lands on your desk, it’s going to be brimming with fantastic ideas.

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