13 Ready-to-Go Growth Marketing Spreadsheets Startups Can Use to Boost Productivity

Growth Marketing Framework

Use for: Prioritizing and tracking your growth marketing experiments

Channel Projections for Experiments

Use for: Forecasting budget based on historical data and determining projected performance

Growth Marketing Scorecard

Use for: Tracking results daily, weekly, and monthly in one shared spreadsheet

UTM Generator for Campaigns (Tracking)

Use for: Understanding which campaigns are driving meaningful results

Blog Post Traffic Tracker from Buffer (Content)

Use for: Knowing which posts are gaining the most traffic

Budget Tracker for PPC Campaigns (Paid)

Use for: Creating an automated monthly budget pacing dashboard for Google Ads

Influencer Marketing Template (Influencer)

Use for: Managing and tracking your Instagram influencer marketing campaign

Email User Onboarding Flow (Email)

Use for: Building and visualizing your welcome email flow

Value Props Exercise

While it’s incredibly important to make sure you’re set up for success with budgets, projections, goals, and reporting, it all falls flat without putting in the legwork to really dig in and create smart, compelling value props.

Facebook Ad Creative Analysis Spreadsheet

We’re a revenue and conversion-first agency. But great creative—from ads to emails to landing pages and beyond—is a critical part of the equation.

Landing Page Testing Plan Timeline

When it comes to increasing the conversion rate for our clients, we’re often focused on implementing impactful changes to the layout, copy, and images used throughout various landing pages to help increase our number of conversions.

CRM Spreadsheet Hack

Housing your website signup leads for b2b and b2c businesses doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t mean you automatically need to upgrade to an expensive email service provider (esp) or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

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