How We Work

Our growth process: learn, activate, analyze, optimize, repeat.

We’re a trim-but-mighty team with a proven track record of helping companies—in nearly every industry at nearly every stage of growth—unlock their path to sustainable growth.

Our Process

We’ve built a battle-tested process for growing your businesses using modern channels.

Our world is centered on your real, sustainable, measurable growth. We achieve this by taking a systematic approach to finding traction on new marketing channels, strategizing scaling opportunities, making relentless optimizations and continually working to find new opportunities.


Dig deep into foundational research and analyze your existing funnel.

Our top priority: becoming experts in your industry and working to understand your acquisition funnel from top to bottom. This includes analyzing or creating detailed target audience profiles, diving into your competitive landscape, chatting with SDRs, getting specific with a market analysis and your historical data, getting super specific with value props and much more.


Align on clear goals.

Before we deploy one ad or spend one dollar, we’ll get detailed about what success looks like. Most often, we’re laser-focused on revenue and continually getting more efficient with spend to drive new leads/customers at lower costs.


Create your growth marketing strategy with acquisition and conversion tactics.

We start lean, rapidly test, boot what’s underperforming, and hone/refine the tactics that are driving results. We’ll end up with detailed insights, clean, actionable data, and an ongoing, sustainable strategy for optimizing your right combination of marketing tactics.


Prioritize what to work on for both quick wins and long-term growth.

Out the gate, we’ll test a combination of tactics from Google Ads, Facebook, technical SEO, growth content, email, creative production, CRO, and more to gain quick insights. We know that impactful growth means finding quick wins without ever losing sight of long-term growth. We build strategies that uplift both.


Start lean, scale up what works, kill what doesn’t.

We’re ruthless and relentless with results. While each channel requires some rapid testing and optimization (some more than others), if we’re not seeing real, measurable impact on your revenue goals, we’re quick to pivot and test elsewhere. Ultimately, we’ll end up with the right channel mix that sets the stage for true, sustainable growth.

Case Studies

Our team is stacked with seasoned experts.

Together, we have worked with teams in nearly every industry at nearly every stage of growth from individual, self-funded founders to established players with multi-million dollar ad budgets. This diversity puts us in a position to learn at a high speed and make a significant impact. Whether you’re still searching for your highest ROI channel or you’re ready to scale it, our growth marketers have you covered.


We’re an always-on, responsive extension of your team

Part of what makes us different is the way we’ve prioritized real-time, transparent communication. We’re collaborators by nature and our communication toolbox helps us do our best work together. We love our shared Slack channels with our partners and lean on other resources like weekly calls, shared docs, and more to make sure we’re always in lock step and on the same page.

“Highly recommend Tuff!

As a small company, Tuff has helped increase our advertising presence at a reasonable rate which allows us to focus on other priorities.”

Bjorn Bredeson

Hire us to be your plug-in growth marketing team.

We like to share these case studies to articulate how we help businesses grow. But, a great partnership is also about people. Ready to learn more?