We’re a tight-knit crew of scrappy growth experts.

That enough of a word salad for you? We’ll break it down.

Tight Knit

We’re trim but mighty. The peek-over-each-other’s-shoulder types of radical collaborators with bottomless zest to be better for ourselves, each other, and YOU!


Strapped with startup constraints? Let’s do this. Bringing an enterprise budget? Efficiency is the name of the game. No matter the starting line, we’re ready for go time.

Growth Experts

Our feet are firmly planted in seasoned marketing expertise. But there’s no gilded road that leads to growth: we test, optimize, refine, and test again with a never-ending (and sometimes “mad”) drive to streamline, find efficiencies, and forge your unique path to growth.

What’s the best thing about working with Tuff?
31 seconds

What’s the best thing about working with Tuff?
31 seconds

How We Work

Big-picture strategists + deeply experienced channel experts.

Your growth marketer is your map maker and wayfinder—keeping goals clearly defined, in sight, and the whole team focused on creating the smartest path to growth.

Your channel experts are the in-the-weeds, watching-every-dollar-spent efficiency finders and optimizers.

  Google Ads



  Content Strategy

 User Research


  Facebook Ads


We Show Our Work

What growth marketing is:
measured, research-based, custom-to-you.
What growth marketing is NOT:
magic, secret-sauce, a playbook.

Tuff was born because we were tired of talking to startups and founders that were getting the runaround; being sold growth plans full of mysterious behind-the-scenes work, cumbersome roadblocks, shallow results, and quick wins with no follow through.

Tuff was born to be different.

We’re radically transparent: keeping you fully up to date on what we’re testing, how it’s performing, and what it means for short and long-term success. We’re also built to be highly autonomous or fully collaborative, becoming an always-on extension of your team.

And, bottom line: we’re laser-focused on revenue. If it’s not bringing in the bucks, it’s out.

Fully Remote Since Day One

No one city could handle this amount of talent.

In all seriousness, though, we’ve been a fully remote team since day one because we believe everyone does their best work when they’re in the place they love most.

Ellen Jantsch

Founder & Growth Marketer

  Eagle, CO

John Atkins

Growth Marketer

Denver, CO

Derek Coleman

SEO Specialist

Boston, MA

Elle Ossello

Growth Marketer

Hood River, OR

Chris Alarcon

PPC Specialist

Nashville, TN

Kristin Dick

Social Ads Specialist

Nashville, TN

Brenda Anguiano German

PPC Specialist

Murrieta, CA

Richard Meyer

Growth Marketer

Chicago, IL

McKenzie Fowler

Social Ads Strategist

Nashville, TN

kate theobald tuff team member headshot

Kate Theobald

Social Ads Strategist

Knoxville, TN


What does it mean to be a great place to work?

We have awesome clients and certainly, we’re learning every day when it comes to our areas of expertise. One of the things we love most about growth marketing is the constant experimentation and diversity of client needs and growth channels. We’re always on our toes!

Our days are exciting, kinetic, full of big ideas and problem solving, celebrations, witty Slack banter, hard work and payoff.

What’s not to love?

What does success look like for you?

Let’s create it together!