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Trying to figure out how to scale and which marketing channels will help you grow fastest can be confusing and stressful. You’re probably going to have questions and need a growth plan.

Good news: Tuff has been the go-to growth marketing agency for 50+ startups and small businesses over the last four years helping them run digital marketing campaigns and growth experiments to find big wins. Now we want to help you.

We’ll help you build a growth marketing foundation, with strategic vision and a roadmap, to hit your goals until you’re ready to hire in-house.

Early-stage businesses need a strategic vision and a roadmap. They need an invested part-time, on-demand, or outsourced expert who can set achievable company growth goals and then set about making them happen. We’ve got all that.


Before Tuff

Strategy without execution, things slip, limited communication, slow turnarounds, it’s tough to see where things stand, and people are running around like headless chickens.


After Tuff

An action plan, daily communication, focused strategy and execution, a dedicated growth marketing agency, results delivered, organized around KPI’s, small tests with consistent earnings, and a sense of trust sets in.

Our Framework

This is the five-step growth marketing framework we use when approaching growth for any business. Using this framework,we’ll help prioritize tactics based on return.

Get a Detailed Plan. Free of Charge.

Get ready to supercharge your growth marketing with a team of ppc, social ads, and seo channel experts. John, Tuff’s Growth Marketer, will analyze your accounts, businesses, and previous marketing tests and present your top growth opportunities in a PDF using our growth marketing framework. If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to think through ideas for your business, and we can leave it at that.

Meet the team = your new Growth Marketing Agency

As your business grows, so does the complexity of hiring the right people. Don’t set your business a year back by hiring the wrong growth marketer. Instead, work with multi-disciplinary executors grow your business with less hassle and risk.

Ellen Jantsch

Founder & Growth Marketer

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John Atkins

Growth Marketer

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Derek Coleman

SEO Specialist

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Elle Ossello

Growth Marketer

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Chris Alarcon

PPC Specialist

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Kristin Dick

Social Ads Specialist

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Joe Nguyen

PPC Specialist

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Matt Potter

Content Marketing

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Richard Meyer

Growth Marketer

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McKenzie Fowler

Social Ads Strategist

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“Not only are they a true pleasure to work with, they achieve phenomenal results.

Highly recommend the team to people that are committed to growing their business. When you hire Tuff, prepare to hang on for a great ride.”

Lil Roberts
Founder, Xendoo

Proof? We got it.

From big wins out the gate to strategic, measured long-term results, we couldn’t be more excited to talk about our clients’ successes.

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