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We have helped build and manage campaigns on YouTube for companies of nearly every size, vertical, and business model. By digging into the data surrounding your audience, we select the right ad formats for your business. Then, our in-house creative team and YouTube specialists work with you to create original, authoritative videos that get people to drive brand visibility, traffic, and overall conversion lift.

Case Studies

Proof? We got it.

From big wins out the gate to strategic, measured long-term results, we couldn’t be more excited to talk about our clients’ successes.

Koji is a digital storefront that makes it easy to sell to your audience through social media.

Focusing on a Brand Awareness campaign optimized for efficient reach, we wanted low CPMs to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Targeting our Custom Intent audiences, we built around keywords and other factors. Here were the the results below after just TWO weeks of performance:

Organic leads saw an 81% increase compared to the average volume for the previous 4 months. We saw both brand lift and conversion lift.

The entire Tuff team is amazing, which is no surprise because their leadership is exceptional.

They are always thinking of strategic ways to improve and always have the best interest of their clients in mind.

Liliana Aide Monge
Co-founder, Sabio

Principles of YouTube Success

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After being the go-to YouTube agency for brands for the last 5 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works.

Deep understanding of your best audience segments

Proper campaign structure and campaign type

Youtube-specific assets with the right hook for each audience segment

Clear user funnels and product flow

Correct measurement framework, bespoke reporting, and analytics


Whether you’re embarking on your maiden YouTube campaign or seeking to enhance and expand your existing initiatives, collaborating with a seasoned agency can significantly expedite your progress. Partnering with a YouTube ads agency, such as Tuff, offers a multitude of services designed to empower clients in harnessing the platform’s marketing potential.

These encompass video production, audience growth strategies, predictive analysis, meticulous campaign strategizing, day-to-day campaign oversight, custom reporting, and a variety of other valuable services. With our extensive experience in navigating the intricate YouTube landscape, adeptly adapting to algorithm shifts, and deploying successful strategies, we are well-equipped to help our clients realize their marketing goals on this dynamic platform.

It’s crucial to grasp YouTube’s role within your overall media strategy to achieve strong outcomes on the platform. By considering your target audience and their varying levels of intent, YouTube can prove highly effective in boosting brand awareness and driving increased traffic to your website. Furthermore, for certain brands, YouTube can serve as a significant driver of last-click conversions on a large scale. Whether you’re utilizing the platform for brand visibility, performance, or a combination of both, having a well-defined measurement framework is imperative to gauge both campaign and marketing effectiveness.

In assessing the effectiveness of your YouTube campaigns at the top of the funnel, you’ll rely on key metrics such as CPV (Cost Per View) and impressions. You’ll also gauge overall brand lift and monitor any upticks in conversions stemming from direct and organic traffic. For evaluating YouTube campaign performance at the bottom of the funnel, especially when optimizing for conversions, you’ll examine metrics like conversion volume originating from YouTube. In addition, you’ll pay close attention to figures like CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click-Through Rate), and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Our team is actively overseeing campaigns on a wide array of platforms. When we craft channel selections and media plans for our clients, we meticulously consider their objectives, budget, and audience targeting. This thoughtful approach ensures that we curate the perfect blend of channels to cater to every stage of the customer journey. In addition to our proficiency in YouTube, Tuff is dedicated to the management and creation of ad content across numerous platforms, including Google Ads, TikTok, Reddit, Quora, Programmatic, Bing, Meta, and more. While we’re certainly capable of optimizing YouTube campaigns, our services extend beyond YouTube alone, encompassing comprehensive media strategy and management to meet our clients’ diverse marketing needs.

To view a sample of YouTube creatives produced by the Tuff team, check out this YouTube ads creative library here.

Why Tuff

Why work with us

Flexible & Scalable

Our unique operating model allows us to be flexible based on your needs. The way our process functions at Tuff allows us to seamlessly sub in new services or team members to try something new based on the current company stage and strategy.

In-House Creative

Our in-house creative team is composed of a diverse set of animators, creative strategists, copywriters, creators, and UX designers. Working hand and hand with media, we implement a robust creative testing process to ensure you maximize your spend through winning video creative.

Experience & Expertise

Our paid media experts have on average 10 years experience—we know how to run ads, especially when it comes to YouTube.

When you need to pivot or the data tells you to go in another direction we’re able to take you there faster than anyone else.

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