Search visibility in front of the right organic audience.

From audit to execution, our approach to SEO guides you every step of the way. We carefully and consistently test our SEO strategies to implement data-driven techniques that balance low-hanging fruit and long-term plays to make your website an organic lead gen machine.

our process

We utilize our proven SEO process to make sure you show up when and where it matters most.


Becoming experts in your industry and understanding your acquisition funnel are top priorities as we begin our partnership. We perform thorough research through competitive analysis, technical auditing, keyword research, and a content gap analysis to help us create a project roadmap for success.


Before we begin optimizing the site, we work closely with you to understand your goals and set the right KPIs. We then map our strategy based on how and when we can hit your goals while staying transparent along the way.

Before we begin optimizing the site, we work closely with you to understand your goals and set the right KPIs. We then map our strategy based on how and when we can hit your goals while staying transparent along the way.


How to Increase Your Organic Traffic by 117% in 90 Days: The Inside Story of Salams’ SEO Strategy

In this case study, we outline the steps we took and explain how you can replicate this strategy. Elements of this process can be applied to drive organic traffic and revenue for almost any business.


We start by eliminating all technical issues with your site. In order to get the most out of optimizations, we have to eliminate all technical hurdles. From there, we begin making tactical optimizations one strategy at a time to ensure we can track and prove what works for you. We’ll keep our focus on the strategies that work by listening to the data and staying agile.

Custom reporting

On-Site Optimizations

Navigation and Sitemaps

GA & GSC Management

Site Speed Optimizations


“I view our partnership with Tuff as more like an extension of my team.

We strategize together, ask tough questions, examine the results, optimize – and it just keeps getting better. Exactly what I was looking for.”

– Brad Veach | VP of Marketing at Thnks

What We Do

Build a strong foundation for organic scalability.

Implementing technical optimization for SEO is essential if you want to ensure that your web pages are structured for both humans and crawlers. We’ve optimized sites for enterprise and mid-market companies and understand the complexities.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an extremely important aspect of our SEO services. We need to ensure your site is at optimal health to make the impact we want in other areas like content. From crawl errors to site speed, we’ll make sure your website is in tip-top shape


From the start, we’ll be performing keyword research and a content gap analysis to ready a content strategy that targets the right keywords to give you improved visibility with an audience that will actually convert. Our aim is to make both Google and humans happy.

Reporting and Planning

With customized reporting to show the results that matter, we make sure we follow the numbers as we create SEO strategies. Our reports will help us continue to pivot and create plans around the work that’s getting your audience to your site… and keeping them there.

Consider us your plug-in growth marketing team.

Content Writers

No in-house writers? No sweat. We have experts on hand to whip up content that creates visibility while representing your brand voice.

CRO Experts

Our teams love a joint effort. We keep our eyes out for conversion friction and broken journies to make sure we pull in the right experts at the right time.

Design & Development

Whether your blogs need a visual lift or you’re working with your SEO strategist to fix technical issues on your site, we’re here to make sure you have the support you need.

Proof? We got it.

SEO Forecasting—A How-to Guide and Free Template

If you do a quick Google search for SEO forecasting, you’ll find some confusing, and often unhelpful tools and articles. As it turns out, predicting the future is hard to do. That’s why we developed our own method and SEO forecasting template to help.

How UX and SEO Can Work Together to Increase Organic Traffic

You can have a website that is 100% optimized for search engine ranking, but what if that comes at the expense of your site’s user experience?

Free SEO Report Template

Finding the perfect SEO report template is a challenge. You need to provide insights that anyone looking at the data can understand. However, you don’t want to overload your reports with data without providing context. On top of that, your report should reflect your brand, track your SEO progress accurately, and save you time.

Ready for some SEO wins that actually matter?

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