Growth Marketing Framework Spreadsheet

1. Growth Marketing Framework

Use for: Prioritizing and tracking your growth marketing experiments

Growth Marketing Framework Spreadsheet

Use for: Prioritizing and tracking your growth marketing experiments

We discovered this Growth Marketing Framework spreadsheet after attending Sid Bharath’s talk at the GrowthMentor summit last year. We tested it out on our own and it’s quickly become a go-to for our team when we need to prioritize campaigns, identify new experiments, and find big wins for our partners. We like it so much that we have one for Tuff that we look at weekly as a team.

In this spreadsheet, you have four core tabs:

  • Customer Personas
  • Customer Journey
  • Tactics Backlog
  • Experiments

Our favorite part about this spreadsheet is that your customer personas exist in the same spreadsheet as your ideas. In the past, we built out personas in a word doc or slides with visuals and descriptors, and sometimes we still do. But having your target audience in the same place you go to list ideas and pick experiments is extremely helpful when it comes to prioritization. Before we add any ideas to our backlog, we can revisit our personas, their journey, and then truly assess if they are the right fit for our audience. With this setup, your personas become a driving force for tactics instead of an afterthought. You end up with experiments that hit the mark more often because they’ve passed the persona check.

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2. Channel Projections for Experiments

Use for: Forecasting budget based on historical data and determining projected performance

3. Growth Marketing Scorecard

Use for: Tracking results daily, weekly, and monthly in one shared spreadsheet

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