Video Marketing for B2B: The Key to Elevating Your Content Strategy with Short Form Video

Have you seen how folks are skimming past those long ebooks and hefty guides lately? You pour your heart and soul into crafting these valuable resources, but still, it’s tough to generate leads and MQLs on the platforms you’re promoting them on.

We’re starting to notice this because search engines are dishing out answers directly on the search results page (SERP), resulting in fewer visits to your website from Google. Plus, more people are tuning in to short video clips, newsletters, and LinkedIn posts instead. In 2022, video accounted for 82% of all internet traffic, up over 10% compared to the time period before the pandemic – likely due to how our consumption behaviors have changed since then.

At Tuff, we’ve found that engaging and authentic videos, not just slickly produced ones, are your golden ticket to standing out and building stronger connections with your audience, especially in the B2B realm. It’s not just about being visible; it’s about forging genuine bonds. Nowadays, people are turning to video content for more of their information, evident in YouTube’s longstanding position as the second most popular search engine globally and the rising use of TikTok for searches. Your audience is already consuming plenty of videos in their personal time—why wouldn’t they want to watch them when it comes to business decisions?

In this post, I’ll break down why short form video should take the spotlight in your B2B content and creative strategy. Plus, I’ll dish out some examples of the video marketing that have been hitting it out of the park with our clients. Ready to dive in?

The Case for Short Form Video in B2B Content 

When it comes to grabbing attention, videos take the cake over static images. They’re dynamic and include movement and sound, making them harder to scroll past. Plus, viewers tend to stick around longer, getting more engaged as they watch. Starting with a hook ensures viewers are drawn in from the get-go.

Also, in one video, you can convey multiple messages or clips, saving you from creating separate ads for each. With video, creative testing becomes a breeze—it’s way more efficient and scalable compared to static assets. This versatility is especially handy for products or services that need a bit of explaining to pique interest. And with a whopping 88% of people persuaded to buy after watching a brand’s video, it’s clear videos are more than just informative—they drive conversions.


Insights into High-Performing Videos and Categories: Current Success Factors

In our client portfolio, we’ve got a diverse mix of B2B brands, and nearly all of them have jumped on the video marketing for bandwagon for both their paid and organic inbound efforts campaigns.

Now, a common question we get is: what types of videos should you be creating? Well, based on recent successes, here are some categories we suggest diving into or at least considering, along with examples of each:

Explainer Videos: 

One awesome aspect of explainer videos, especially for intricate products or services, is that they’re easily crafted using stock images or videos. This makes them super useful for brands that don’t have a load of their own footage lying around.

Check out these two recent explainer videos we whipped up for clients. They’ve been successful in various paid campaigns, boosting both awareness and conversions:

Testimonial or Case Study Videos: 

Social proof is absolutely crucial for B2B. With decisions often hinging on referrals or thorough research, it’s key to have that backing. When we’re targeting specific audiences further down the funnel in our campaigns, we lean heavily on social proof and case study videos to encourage action. Our goal is usually to get them primed for engagement with the sales team. 

Check out this recent example of a short-form social proof video we used in B2B campaigns on LinkedIn:

We’re big believers in short-form video testimonials, so much so that we use this strategy for our own growth efforts too! Take a peek at this collection of testimonials from our clients sharing their experiences working with our team.

Animated Videos:  

When it comes to animated videos, nailing that attention-grabbing hook in the first few seconds is crucial. Plus, don’t forget to add some text overlay for an extra boost of engagement. These short-form videos, like explainers and testimonials, can really shine on your website and in LinkedIn and YouTube campaigns. Check out this recent animated video we did for a B2B brand—it nails all the key creative elements and has been a real winner for us in campaigns

User-Generated Videos: 

While you might think of UGC content as more fitting for DTC brands, it’s gaining traction and significance in B2B efforts too. One major perk? You can repurpose, tweak, and leverage UGC in various ways to maximize your budget. People connect with faces, so showcasing them in your content builds a deeper connection. That’s why UGC is such a hit—it works wonders in B2B, just like it does in D2C setups.

Check out one of our recent favorite examples that we crafted for a client to use in their paid campaigns:

Measuring Success with Short Form Video Campaigns

Wondering how to gauge the performance of your short form videos? Here are some key metrics to focus on when leveraging them in campaigns:

  1. CTR (Click-Through Rate): This percentage shows how many people clicked on your ad out of those who saw it. It’s a good indicator of how engaging your ad is.
  2. VTR (View-Through Rate): Similar to CTR, but calculated based on the number of people who viewed your ad. Depending on the platform, a view may be counted as 2 seconds to half of the video.
  3. Ad Hook Rate: This measures how effective the beginning of your video was at capturing attention and keeping viewers engaged.
  4. Completion Rate: This percentage tells you how many viewers watched your ad all the way through. It gives insight into overall engagement with your video content.

Ready to jump into video marketing? Now that you’ve seen what works and how to check if it works for you, it’s time to get going! You don’t need fancy gear or editing software to start—just dive in. But if you need a hand, reach out to our team! We’ve got a skilled bunch who can craft your performance creative strategy and handle everything from start to finish for your first video ad.