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Why Video Marketing Should Be the Centerpiece of Your Inbound Strategy

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A great inbound strategy revolves around one central component: creating an experience where prospects’ can have all their questions answered quickly. If video is not part of your inbound strategy, consider this: 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2023

Video is no longer a supplement to your marketing mix, it’s part of the table stakes. It allows businesses to communicate their message quickly, effectively and in a way that captures the attention of their target audience. 

Let’s take a deeper look at why video is so effective for your growth marketing strategy and what you can do to enhance your video usage quickly. 

Video helps users understand your offering faster

Videos offer speed in a way that other forms of content simply cannot. I’m not talking about loading speeds of a particular webpage, but rather the speed at which your prospects truly understand the essence of your offering. 

Let’s face it, people do not have the time or patience to read through every bit of text on your website. While you should still take care of your blogs and be very intentional with copywriting, you need content that quickly gets to your brand’s core. 

Video content is a highly effective way to convey your message quickly and in a way that is easily digestible. In fact, 96% of people have watched an explainer video to understand a product or service. By creating short and informative videos, you can convey your brand’s message in a way that is easy to understand, informative, and engaging. Best of all, it accomplishes all this quickly

Video marketing for technical services and products

This becomes all the more important if you have a technical or niche offering. Can you really rely on new users to read your 5,000 word blog explaining your product? Probably not. Can you rely on them to watch a 15 second intro video? Now we’re thinking more realistically. 

Here’s an example from one of our partners, Hustle. Hustle is a platform that allows mission-driven organizations to send text messaging campaigns out to their audiences. They offer a technical product with a ton of features, and needed a way to quickly and effectively explain why their features stood out amongst competitors.

We all know that a slow loading homepage destroys a website’s conversion rate. Think of your prospects’ brains as an extension of this “loading time”. The faster and more frictionless the “loading time”, the greater your likelihood of success. 

The shareability of video marketing

Regardless of your industry or vertical, peer-to-peer sharing plays a crucial role in growing your business’ reach. Whether you need your messaging relayed to a key decision maker, or simply need a larger digital footprint, you need content that is highly shareable. Videos are just that. 

Users are far more likely to share a brand with their peers if it includes a video. In fact, videos are far more shareable than static posts, blogs, or any other form of content. By creating engaging and shareable videos, you can increase your brand’s reach and awareness.

The video below is a great example of Tuff using video marketing for our own marketing strategies. In this video, a PPC expert on our team, Adli, talks about performance max. Sure, we could have posted a blog link or a graphic. But we knew that a video would be a more effective way to explain a semi-complicated topic, and it would be more shareable online.

If you’re thinking that video is simply too costly to produce, it’s really not. There are lots of ways to produce inexpensive video content that can bolster your inbound strategy. 

Using video to build credibility

Adding credibility or social proof to your site is important for gaining traction with users who have never heard of your brand. But the secret is out about reviews and users have grown skeptical of 5-star reviews from aggregator sites they’ve never heard of. And a written testimonial from some random person doesn’t always inspire a ton of confidence. 

Video testimonials are a much more powerful way to demonstrate your brand’s credibility. They provide social proof that your products or services are reliable and trustworthy. In fact, 79% of people say that watching a video convinced them to buy a software or app. By showcasing customer experiences, you can build trust and credibility with potential customers. 

We do this ourselves here at Tuff! Look how much more powerful a video testimonial is at giving a real authentic look at our offerings, compared to a random 5-star icon that could easily have been written by a bot.

Humanize your brand

We get it, chatGPT is everywhere. It is exciting, intimidating, and all anyone wants to talk about. But let’s take stock of what people are doing with it and what impacts AI is currently having on marketing.

With chatbots, anyone can quickly (and cheaply!) increase their blog output by a hundredfold. Regardless of the quality of that content, the fact is there’s about to be a lot more noise in the form of blogs. Blogs used to be a space where experts could directly convey their findings to a broader audience. With chatbots part of the marketing equation, the barrier to entry for creating decent blog content went from low to non-existent. There’s not really much time left for blogs to allow you to really stand out as a business.

While blogs are becoming increasingly easy to produce with the help of chatbots, videos still require a human touch. Sure, AI can produce videos now too, but a well-crafted explainer video, testimonial, demo, etc. still requires a human touch with extensive expertise of a brand’s offerings. 

A well-produced video gives your brand a more authentic experience rather than pages and pages of copy that’s just AI-generated. By creating authentic and engaging videos, you can connect with your target audience on a more personal level.

Video content is highly effective and important for inbound marketing. It is a powerful tool that can communicate your brand’s message quickly, effectively and in a way that captures the attention of your target audience. By leveraging the benefits of video content, you can increase your brand’s reach, credibility and ultimately, your revenue. Stay ahead of the curve and start putting your video content to the test