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How To Conduct A Time-Based Content Analysis [Free Template]

This post is #2 of a 2-part series on how to conduct a content analysis. In the first post, we focused on using quartiles to find the top-performing content. Today, we’ll focus on analyzing content by its publish date and SEO performance over time. Conducting a time-based content analysis can be an invaluable tool for […]

Conducting A Content Inventory Audit With Quartiles [Free Template]

As a content marketer, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of your website content in order to create a successful content strategy. Content audits are a great way to take stock of what content does and doesn’t exist, so you can better understand your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Using quartiles and a composite […]

Compounding Growth: How We Increased Pathstream’s Non-Branded Organic Clicks 486%

As a growth marketing agency, when we work with fast-growing startups like Pathstream, a VC-backed startup that offers certificate programs to help people advance their careers, we often hit the ground running on paid acquisition strategies to hit short-term growth goals.  But for long-term success, it’s important to invest equally in long-term wins like content. […]

Small Pivot, BIG Results: How We Generated a 659% Increase in Non-Branded Organic Site Traffic for AKKO

In most true SEO stories involving newer websites, results don’t come quickly. Sure, there was that one time we increased organic traffic by 117% in just 90 days, but this wasn’t one of those times.  As a newer website with few blog posts and an average domain authority, we stumbled in the dark a bit […]

How to Develop an Effective Ecommerce SEO Strategy in 2022

It’s 2022, and the world has changed.  Some things haven’t—like the fact that the number of active internet users worldwide is rapidly growing towards 5 billion and that 30% of global web usage comes from people using search engines to find something they want or need.  But other things have—most notably, how those searches are […]

Subdomain vs Subdirectory for Your Blog: Which is Better for SEO?

When adding a blog to your website it’s often much easier to integrate your content management system (CMS) on a subdomain, but often this isn’t the best-case scenario.  Popular platforms such as WordPress and Shopify typically don’t allow you to install a brand new CMS into a subfolder but it is allowed on a subdomain. […]

Content Remediation: How to Boost Your Ranking By Refreshing Old Content

So, you’ve done the heavy lifting making your case for content, doing your competitor and keyword research, identifying your best opportunities, creating a content strategy, etching in goals, and putting pen to paper. But now that your content creation engine is chugging along like a sleek machine, you know there’s got to be other activities […]

Branded and Non-Branded Organic Traffic: What Is It and Why It’s Important to Track It

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), it’s important to be able to track branded and non-branded organic traffic. So what is branded and non-branded organic traffic, why are they important, and how do you measure them? Let’s get into it.  Simply put, branded organic traffic is any organic traffic that comes from a […]

How We Outranked Home Depot for the #1 Position

Early in 2020, Renogy approached Tuff to handle all of their SEO needs for their US and international websites.  Tuff had previously been creating blog content for Renogy’s US website but was not managing technical SEO or anything else. We analyzed all of their existing websites and put together a comprehensive SEO strategy to increase […]

How We Increased Our Organic Traffic by 630% in 12 months (And as a result, increased our monthly revenue by over 60%)

As a growth marketing agency, we work hard to balance quick wins with long-term strategy. Our process helps us identify which channels to test first based on our target audience and what combination of tactics will help us hit our goals. We’ve done this for over 35 different businesses in the last 3 years.  Last […]