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Building a Growth Marketing Culture: Fostering Data-Driven Marketing Decision-Making

Chances are you’ve worked at a job where you’ve walked on pins and needles–doing everything you can to avoid failure and not draw too much attention to anything that can be construed as failure. An intolerance of failure is more toxic to company culture than arsenic. Simply put: When people are scared to fail, or […]

A New Way to Scale Results Without Increasing Ad Spend

We’ve all had to do more with less with something at one point or another – whether it’s time, resources, or budget. Doing more with less is intrinsically part of the growth process. We get more efficient, and that creates a new benchmark that we need to meet or exceed the next go-around.  If you’re […]

9 eCommerce Trends Driving Online Growth in 2022

Author’s note: This post was originally published in 2021. It has since been updated for 2022. 2020 and 2021 brought a whole new challenge to ecommerce growth agencies and their partners. As the world shut down in 2020, companies unprepared to sell virtually rushed to bring their products and services into digital spaces. As a […]

How to Drive Better Strategic Decisions Using Google Analytics’ Attribution Models

The way the majority of marketers use Google Analytics’ attribution models to make strategic decisions is broken. I’m talking, “holy cow, this has major implications on our bottom line”, broken. If you’re making major decisions regarding the allocation of ad spend, or trying to measure the success of a campaign and are using Google Analytics’ […]

Using Customer Insights to Unlock eCommerce Growth

Alternative analytic programs to Google Analytics are becoming a dime a dozen. Especially since the rollout of iOS 14, advertisers are flocking to more third-party sources for attribution modeling and customer insights. As an e-commerce growth agency, we’ve worked with several of these third-party platforms: Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Daasity for starters. Each of these platforms […]

Developing a Successful Fintech Marketing Strategy

Fintech is an exploding market, accounting for over 650 VC-backed deals in Q2 2021 alone, with $30.8 billion in funding. Market Data Forecast anticipates that Fintech will grow by over 23% annually through 2026, reaching a market value of over $320 billion in that time period.  As the fintech market fills with startups and scaleups, […]

5 Common Questions Startup Founders Have About Growth Marketing

This year, Tuff has been fortunate to work with AARP Innovation Labs to connect with startup founders and collaborate on developing growth marketing strategies for their growing businesses. As a startup marketing agency, we’ve partnered with 50+ startups, but the opportunity to work with a dozen startups in a cohort at the same time has […]

Fill That Pipeline! Our Top Tips for Pre-Order eCommerce Advertising

Global supply chains, amirite? One of the most interesting and complicated disruptions in eCommerce advertising in 2021 has been the global supply chain crisis caused by COVID-19. Seemingly unrelated, right? Think again! Even if the particularities are news to you, you’ve probably felt the repercussions. Many manufacturers who typically produce consumer goods either stopped manufacturing […]