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How to Set Up an A/B Test so You Get REAL Results

When analyzing ad creative, it can be hard to tell which element really makes a piece resonate with the viewer. Is it the bold color? The little bit of sass? The scroll stopping typography? Or is it how you articulate the value you’re offering? The audience you’re addressing?  There are so many variables that it […]

Ad Creative Types That Constantly Drive Performance (Regardless of Industry)

Testing, testing, testing! As a creative team tucked inside a growth agency, we throw around that word a LOT. Especially because we partner with scaleups looking for quick, efficient (and sustainable) paths to growth. Making sure we’re clear about what we’re testing—and executing it within rock-solid social ad campaigns—ensures that on the other side of […]

The 5 Main Components of Effective TikTok Ad Creative

TikTok…it’s a tough nut to crack. Not only because it’s notoriously the most ephemeral channel (who, who, WHO is responsible for all of these amazing trends?!) but also because TikTok users are extremely adept at sniffing out BS. It takes a smart, authentic, real story to capture the attention of a TikTok scroller. And we’ve […]

So….Is That Good? The Complete Guide to Benchmarking Ad Creative

Does it follow the brand book? Does it speak to the right audience? Does it abide by general design principles? 👈 These are the questions that most designers or agencies ask themselves when they’re answering the question: “so…is that good?” But, as a creative team nestled within a growth marketing agency, we demand much, much […]

Bow Down to Data: How We Use Metrics to Dictate Creative (+ Creative Analysis Templates)

“Do you make creative?” This is the question (that we got over and over again) that planted the seed that eventually bloomed into the creative department here at Tuff.  But, it was a question that we considered carefully before taking the plunge. There are a handful of other growth marketing agencies out there making “performance […]

5 Tips for Making Great (and Cost Effective) Video Ad Creative

In two short words, we can sum up the whole point of this article: video performs. No matter if we’re talking ad performance (like we’ll dig into in this article) or organic engagement, landing page CRO, and beyond, video works.  Here’s the thing, though, not all video is created equal. As a growth marketing agency, […]

The Beginner’s Guide to High-Performance, Channel-Specific Ad Creative

When balancing the main components of a growth marketing tactic (strategy + targeting + creative), there comes a time when many organizations find themselves in a chicken-and-egg scenario: which comes first? Is it the campaign strategy and targeting that should dictate creative? Or should great creative—backed by battle-tested value props and watertight messaging—lead the way […]

They WANT to Hear From You: How to Use Email Drip Campaigns to Engage Your Best Customers

If you’ve been following Tuff for truly any amount of time, you know that we have a history of taking a hard stance on email marketing. Hyperboles aside, email is a channel that truly pulls its weight in a full-funnel marketing strategy. What’s more, your customers (and/or clients, leads, prospects) WANT to hear from you. […]

Wait! Come Back! How Our Email Winback Strategy Converted at 27% For Dumpling

At its simplest, Dumpling is a grocery delivery app. But dig a bit further and you’ll see that Dumpling is taking a service that has historically capitalized on the gig economy and flipping it.  Dumpling’s competitors like Instacart automatically match you with a shopper. Which keeps things simple, no doubt, but you get no extra […]

A Hill We’ll Die On: Email is Critical to Your CRO

Email marketing is a crucial way of keeping your audience engaged. Full stop. No matter if you’re an eCommerce or SaaS, B2B or B2C, email is an incredibly powerful tool that can move users through the funnel and help them pick up steam on the way towards conversion. That’s why the way we think about […]