3 Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Brand Ambassadors

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As we’ve previously discussed in our Influencer Playlist, Finding The Right Brand Ambassador is not an afternoon task that will quickly yield high returns. Influencer Marketing and Brand Ambassador Programs take time to develop and rarely produce massive returns. You will need to define your campaign strategy and goals, assemble a dedicated team, and execute precisely. 

In addition, you’ll need to find a compensation model that works for your strategy and type of Brand Ambassador. 

By far the trickiest part of the building a manageable Brand Ambassador program will be finding the right influencers to work with your brand.

Not all influencers will be a perfect fit for your brand and not all brand ambassadors are easy to work alongside. Be prepared to work with individuals who may or may not have experience working with brands. 

This stage of the process will be the most time consuming and might be the most difficult. To help make finding the right brand ambassador more streamlined, we recommend using a software tool dedicated to helping you find influencers based on specific search filters and parameters. 

At a basic level, these tools provide you with a way to build a query to find influencers that match your parameters. There are free tools that allow you to do this at a more broad level and with some of the higher-end tools you can cater your searches to be extremely granular. 

Here are some of your options for Brand Ambassador and Influencer Marketing Tools that we recommend. We break them out based on three categories – Free, Tools Under $100 Per Month, Enterprise Tools. 

Free Brand Ambassador Search Tool




Influence.co is a great tool for young brands looking to try out Influencer Branding without much investment. It provides you with basic search parameters, influencer messaging, and a large database of influencers. 

Keep in mind that it is a very popular free tool so many of the influencers you will be contacting have been reached out to by other brands in the past. Try to stay away from brand ambassadors who already have other contracts with brands or post about products / services too frequently. It’s likely that their audience won’t engage with content as much as with an influencer’s content that doesn’t show as much advertising.

Best Tool Under $50 For Brand Ambassador Search



Heepsy is our pick for the best tool under $50 for Brand Ambassador Search.  Like Influencer.Co, heepsy has granular query parameters that make it easy to find the right influencer based on your goals. It’s a bit more robust than Influencer.co and it has a more curated database of influencers. 

You have the option to build influencer reports which allows you to export influencer lists in bulk something that you can’t do with Influencer.co. 

The biggest con and one that you’ll find across the board with influencer marketing tools is that most of the influencers have been contacted by numerous brands so it’s important to do your homework and find ones that don’t have current contracts with brands or don’t post all the time about brands they work on. 

Best Enterprise Tool For Influencer Marketing



The final tool and our best tool for enterprise is upfluence. They are one of the top influencer marketing tools and have robust features like an influencer marketing CRM, campaign management, and analysis tools that are superior to the competition.