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How These Three Companies Use TikTok for B2B Marketing

Is your B2B brand on TikTok? If the answer is no, you might’ve read that question and thought “No, our target audience is not using TikTok so why would we be”, or,  “Isn’t TikTok mainly used by Gen-zs or Millennials”. If any of these thoughts crossed your mind, keep reading, because it may surprise you […]

TikTok Ads for Startups: How Multiverse Drives Quality Conversions at Scale (with a CPA lower than any other channel)

When it comes to driving more traffic and applications online with growth marketing, the big challenge is how to scale and which marketing channels will help you grow fastest. With limited time, money, and people, you can’t afford to waste it on strategies and tactics that are sub-optimal.  When we first partnered with Multiverse (a […]

How Much Do TikTok Ads Cost?

Are you ready to explore advertising on a social ads platform outside of Facebook and Instagram? Now is the time for your company to test out TikTok, one of the fastest-growing social channels in the game. Two months ago, TikTok hit a major milestone in which the platform reported that it now has 1 billion […]

Facebook Historical Analysis 101: The How & The Why

So you’ve just signed on a growth marketing team to help you run your Facebook Ads. Now what? Before your social ads strategist can jump in and create a new strategy for your Facebook ads, there’s a crucial first step they’ll need to take to ensure that you’re set up for success. Keep on reading […]