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Brave New Cookieless World: 8 Strategies for Marketers

*WARNING: The shift to a cookieless world is imminent.* Cookies—those pieces of data that anonymously store user information online—have long served as the backbone of targeted advertising. Where are our customers? What’s their online behavior look like and how do we get in front of them at exactly the right time? Thanks to Google, the […]

Optimizing Your Content Marketing Strategy for High-Quality Lead Generation

Content marketing for lead generation is just a fancy way of saying “What should we write to get people to come to our website and BUY (or fill out a form, etc). What do people care about? How can we show up in their search results at the exact right time? WHAT DO I DO?!” […]

How Performance Creative Generates Bold, Actionable Results for Growth Marketing

Performance creative challenges marketers to dig deep into what makes ads “work” better than others. Through deliberate testing and tweaking and testing again, we use data and analytics to not only understand the needs of our target audiences, but to also address them directly–in ad creative and copy. Simple as that, right? Key components of […]