How Tuff Partnered with EZ Lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram to Increase Revenue by 50%

EZ Lifestyle is an international nutraceutical company that sells products through Shopify stores and Amazon. Their most popular product is their hangover prevention pills, Over EZ, followed by sleep aid Dream EZ, and energy supplement, Fuel EZ. They are well-reviewed both on Amazon and through private customer surveys. People rave about how effective their products are on social media.

Despite having an efficiently managed online presence, including ongoing CRO work, and a library of videos and images, EZ Lifestyle had not yet found consistent success through their Facebook and Instagram advertising. Both channels were viewed as critical to growth.

EZ Lifestyle reached out to our team to help crack the Facebook and Instagram Ads for e-commerce code, and grow EZ Lifestyle’s overall sales while consistently achieving a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).

Tuff is a true growth agency. We’ve been working with the facebook ad specialist Nate and it’s been a great journey so far. They are highly skilled in all aspects of performance marketing and specifically what it takes to win at facebook ads, which is constant experimentation and analysis. Since we started working with them we saw immediate results growing our revenue by 50% MoM! – Matthew Greenspan, Head of Digital Growth, EZ Lifestyles (View our reviews on Google & Facebook)

In this article, I’ll take a close look at the part Facebook Ads plays in ramping up revenue for EZ Lifestyle.

An all-encompassing testing plan for Facebook Ads 

The first step was determining if Tuff was a good fit for EZ Lifestyle and vice versa. Goal alignment was critical here. EZ Lifestyle granted the Tuff team access to Google Analytics, the Shopify store, and their Facebook and Instagram Ads Account, so performance potential could be identified. 

From there, we developed a three-month plan focusing on these key areas: 

  • Finding efficiency in the Facebook Ads account 
  • Developing high-value audiences for ad targeting 
  • Ongoing ad testing 

Finding efficiency in the Facebook Ads account 

Audience overlap 

The first thing we did was dig into the audience. We found efficiency by focusing on identifying and eliminating audience overlap, a mistake that can cause double bidding on the same users. 

Facebook audience overlap.

Current events

With the US election in full swing at the time of our launch together, key “early voting” states were excluded from our geo-targeting. This helped us avoid bidding against presidential candidates who were spending millions on Facebook. For Facebook ads, it’s important to note, advertisers compete to serve ads to the same audiences regardless of what they’re selling. 

Audience research to identify top audiences 

Another miss advertisers often make is cross-referencing Google Analytics audience data to Facebook ads. Google Analytics lets us know which age groups, genders, devices, and geos spend the most on their products. 

As part of our Google Analytics eCommerce investigation, we discovered that though the USA market has 21% fewer transactions, the USA market drives 20% more revenue, and has an average cart value 34% higher than Canada. This data informed our initial audience development. 

Creative best practices

EZ Lifestyle was running dozens of ads per ad set, and frequently encountered ad rejections which stymied performance. At launch, we winnowed ads down to their top performers and used the dynamic text option so the Facebook algorithm would serve the best copy to the right audiences. Reasons for ad rejections were identified and fixed. 

Developing high-value audiences for ad targeting 

Google Analytics behavior and eCommerce data was leveraged to identify the most valuable audiences. Segmented retargeting, including cart abandon audiences, were identified as well and included at launch. 

The audiences were created and launched, however, they didn’t last long. As part of ongoing performance monitoring underperforming ad sets, and ads we’re turned off, freeing up budget for top ad sets, in turn creating revenue and ROAS growth.

Rapid experimentation was a critical piece to Facebook Ads eCommerce revenue growth 

By the end of month two, five Facebook Ads trials or tests had been completed, three were active, and 12 tests are waiting on deck in a test back-log. The series of tests helped us identify top audiences, placements, objective types, and ad optimization strategies. 

The ongoing testing has helped us create a base level of revenue and ROAS that will facilitate the next phase of growth without wasted spend. 

Facebook eCommerce ad example. Instagram eCommerce ad example.

The results: revenue growth of 50%

  • From month one to month 2 EZ Lifestyle experienced revenue growth of 50% 
  • Overall Account ROAS increased 70% for currently active campaigns at the end of month 2.
Facebook advertising results.

Tuff Ads launched week 15. Week 12 was a holiday sale.

These results were not achieved in a vacuum. Though Tuff was able to find efficiencies out of the gates in the Facebook Ad account and via Google Analytics analysis, the willingness of the EZ Lifestyle team to collaborate was key. It also was beneficial that EZ Lifestyle and their product had the following attributes: 

  • Desirable and highly rated product 
  • Website, eCommerce, and CRO fundamentals 
  • Existing resources readily available: past performance, email templates, creative

Though if these things aren’t available on day one, they can be developed with the help of the Tuff team. Schedule a 30-minute strategy session today to explore how Tuff can help your eCommerce business grow.