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A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Your eCommerce Store

If you sell products online, you have a lot of options when it comes to marketing tactics. From influencers to ppc, it’s less about what you can do, and more about what you should do.   Whether your limits are resource-related or budgetary, you will typically want to prioritize the marketing tactics that are likely to […]

How We’ve Connected Salary to Both Personal and Company Growth

Comp. Whether you finish the rest of that word with -ensation or -licated, compensation is an important piece of running a business and hiring a great team.  We are dedicated to creating a great place to work where team members understand how they can grow and develop at Tuff. Also, as a bootstrapped team, it […]

Best Growth Marketing Agencies in Nashville in 2020

There are a ton of great growth marketing agencies in Nashville and it can be hard to stay on top of them all. Since we have team members throughout the US, I spend time researching agencies in the cities we operate in, including Nashville.  In this post, I’d love to share 10 growth marketing agencies […]

When You Sign Up For a Discovery Call with Tuff

Whether you are curious about our team and how we work, or you’d like to know your growth marketing potential, we’d love to chat with you. The first step is to schedule a 30-minute discovery call with us. This is a pressure-free conversation (30-minute discovery call) about what you’re trying to achieve and whether or […]

11 Best Growth Marketing Agencies in Denver in 2020

There are a ton of great growth marketing agencies in Denver … almost too many. Since we have team members throughout the US, I spend time researching agencies in the cities we operate in, including Denver.  Having seen a ton of great growth marketing agencies in Denver, I’d love to share a short list of […]

How to Make YouTube Ads Work For Your Startup

Advertising doesn’t work unless people see it. This obvious piece of analysis guides all aspects of marketing, and explains everything from the cost of ads (those Super Bowl commercials don’t come cheap) to their overall impact. Thankfully, you don’t have to take out a full-page ad in the New York Times to get broad exposure. […]

How YouTube Ads Work + 5 YouTube Ad Campaign Examples

Admit it: we kind of take YouTube for granted. The website that began as a simple nexus for amateur video has become a media titan, to the extent that many people don’t appreciate its enormous influence. Believe it or not, YouTube is the third-most visited site in the world, behind only Facebook and Google. Each […]

28 YouTube Ad Stats to Get You Started Today

Not sure if YouTube Advertising is the right advertising channel for you? With video content on the rise, YouTube has seen record-breaking numbers that prove the power behind this marketing channel. But is there a reasonably high ROI in it for your brand? Is it worth the investment to create a video ad and start […]

Behind the Scenes at Tuff’s First Company Retreat

Before starting Tuff, I was a freelancer. The way I thought about remote work was pretty simple; it’s great and easy and we should all do this. Then, when I started Tuff in 2016 and hired my first remote team member that suddenly changed. The more the team grew and the more I leaned into […]

Onboarding Emails: Three things that increased clicks by 50%

Installs, sign-ups, trials, and demos mean nothing if you can’t keep your users. Which makes your onboarding email campaign incredibly important.  It’s your first impression. But, it’s also your opportunity to guide new users to take the action that will increase their lifetime value.  Before you start working on getting more people to your site, […]