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A Crash Course in Instagram Audiences for Your Social Media Ads

With a global following of over one billion active monthly accounts (as of June 2018), it’s no wonder Instagram (IG) advertising is such a popular way for brands to build awareness. But where does one even begin on this beast of a platform? Like with any platform, finding your ideal audiences will be a good […]

Google Ads: How Tuff Optimizations Turned $172 of Extra Ad Spend Into $192,853 More in Sales

The renewable energy industry is growing, big time. According to CNBC, in the U.S., of all new power capacity added to the grid in 2018, about 30% was from solar. In addition to these increases, nearly every segment of the renewable energy market is seeing rapid price declines. It’s easy to see there is tremendous […]

3 Secrets to Getting More Foundation Repair Leads from Google Ads

We sometimes get questions about how other local business clients work with Tuff to reach their growth goals — so we’re sharing some stories to help bring our services to life. Meet KC Waterproofing. KC Waterproofing specializes in foundation repair and basement waterproofing, serving homeowners in the entire Kansas City metro area and beyond. Although […]

The 30-Minute PPC Audit Anyone Can Do

Let’s get one thing about a PPC audit off our chest. We know our PPC accounts aren’t always perfect 100% of the time. Audits are one of the best tools we have for making small, sustainable improvements. That’s why we routinely conduct audits for our clients. Incorporating this step into our PPC management process helps […]

Got Funding? 5 Growth Marketing Steps to Take Now

Securing funding for your business is a major step. And it’s something you should rightfully celebrate. But when the champagne runs dry, you’ll probably be feeling the crunch to get things moving. Receiving financial backing is encouraging for startups because it means that people believe in you and your idea. But it also means that […]

What Really Works with Lead Gen?

B2B businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to growth marketing. Generating consistent demand and keeping your pipeline full of qualified leads is the best way to establish successful growth, but how exactly should you approach making that happen? Do you focus on targeting specific buyers directly with explicitly account-based marketing tactics? Or do […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Scaling Your Ecommerce Business

We created this guide to serve as a sort of one-stop-shop for understanding the components necessary to supercharge your existing ecommerce strategy, including how you can grow your sales profitable overtime. From learning how to setup Google Shopping campaigns to more advanced ecommerce SEO tips and tricks, we cover key traffic strategies to help you […]

What The Hack Is Growth Hacking?

In our previous blog post about growth marketing, we dove into the world of growth marketing in an effort to understand how it works, what makes it different from traditional marketing, and why your company needs to embrace it. If you’ve been reading much about how to stimulate business growth, chances are highly likely that […]

Growth Marketing: What It Is and Why You Need It

Editor’s note: This content was updated in January 2020. Original publication date: September 2019 Growth, as it relates to business, is generally defined as, “The process of improving some measure of an enterprise’s success.” When you consider that definition through the lens of marketing, what does “improvement” really mean to you? More sales? More leads? […]

How To Run Paid Acquisition Campaigns For Your Subscription Business

We sometimes get questions about how other clients work with Tuff to reach their growth goals — so we’re sharing some stories to help bring our services to life. Meet Beer Drop. Beer Drop is an all Colorado beer subscription delivering only the freshest beers from Colorado’s best small breweries you won’t find in stores.  […]