Your First 90 Days
with Tuff

So your growth marketing partnership proposal with Tuff is signed, sealed, and delivered. And now we’re all ready to drop some ad spend, create some content, and drive some revenue. But before we do, there’s diligence to be done.

We’ll holler about it until the cows come home: kicking off a partnership with a rock-solid foundation, establishing clear lines of communication, and creating an airtight shared understanding of what success looks like makes all the difference. Then, when we move to create a growth marketing strategy and a comprehensive execution plan, we’ll be in lockstep and laser focused on driving real growth over time.

Day 0: What We Know Before Day One

Goal: access key accounts, gain general background knowledge

Output: an excited team and a signed Partnership Proposal

Let’s back it up half a step. Before we even put a partnership proposal in front of you, we’ll ask for access to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and your website (along with anything else you think will be helpful for us to see).

So, when you get this proposal, our recommendations will be based on real insights, a clear perspective on where Tuff can make an out-the-gate and over-time impact, and an excited team champing at the bit.

That means that—while it’s critical to take the time to do our research and build our foundation, before your day one with Tuff, our team will have solid insights, strong inklings, and definitively piqued curiosity.

Days 1-7: The Kickoff Call

Goal: align on targets and reporting

Output: a complete list of important accounts and tools you use, established communication lines, and budget alignment

This is the first real opportunity for your growth marketer to sit down with you and hash it all out. Oftentimes the Tuff team member that you met on the discovery call and assisted you through the sales process isn’t the same growth marketer that you’ll be working with week over week, so this is also an opportunity for some good ol’ fashioned meet and greet.

It’s here in this meeting that we’ll recap all of your accounts to which we currently have access, outline remaining accounts and tools we’ll need to get into to do our best work and establish the right lines of communication.

It’s also during this conversation that we’ll make sure we’re totally in sync with how you measure your business’ success, what success looks like in our partnership, and the budgets you’ve earmarked so we can help you get there.

After this meeting, we’ll work to get access to your remaining accounts and we’ll hit the ground running with research.

Reminder: At Tuff we use a retainer model to remain your always-on team of strategists and experimenters, allocating time and resources to what makes the most sense, not what we’re beholden to.

Days 8-14: Research & The Launch Call

Goals: dive deep, glean insights, compile research

Output: a custom, high-level growth marketing strategy

After we have access to all of your accounts, a list of your competitors, any research you can provide, and the extra nuggets we dig up ourselves, this is where we get busy.

Before the Launch Call, your growth marketer will pull in all of the channel experts to go deep and get our hands dirty. This is when we’ll do a full technical SEO site analysis, fully analyze any historical campaigns you’ve run, analyze the user flow to identify any blockers, and deep dive on organic opportunities.

So, the next time we all get together, we’ll have a growth marketing strategy.

Our growth marketing strategy is our roadmap; it’s a list of action items, at a high level, of what tactics we’re going to test first, based on what is most likely to succeed. This keeps us focused and working day-to-day on the things that have the highest impact on your revenue. It’s a prioritized to-do list. With it we’ll get specific with budgets for each channel and projections.

Days 15-30: Execution & Analyzation

Goal: launch campaigns, gather data

Output: detailed findings, actionable insights, and an ever-refining game plan

This is where we really hit our stride. Once we’re able to push campaigns live and start to implement our strategy, we’ll start learning at light speed. This is where things get really fun.

Your growth marketer and the channel experts working on your growth marketing strategy are in your accounts every. Single. Day. We’re catching nuances in data, following user paths to conversion, watching our search rankings rise. And we’re keeping you in the loop.

Part of the reason we love Slack is that it allows us to share quick wins, exciting learnings, and sometimes just cute dog pics on the fly. We like to keep it casual—our goal is for you to feel like Tuff is an extension of your team; your partner in growth.

After we get through the Kickoff and Launch Calls, we’ll either set a weekly or bi-weekly meeting cadence in which we’ll jump on together and review what we’ve learned this week, share insights, ideas for optimization, and the exciting things that are on our plate for the week to come. Many air high-fives are shared here.

Days 31-60: Optimizations & Refinements

Goal: find efficiencies, put our learnings into practice

Output: ongoing communication and knowledge sharing

By the time we hit month two, our process, communication, and rhythm is smooth like butter. We’ll be meeting regularly, fully informed about what we’ve learned and how it might have shifted our course, and we’ll be continually refining and optimizing to maximize efficiencies and drive real growth.

It’s at this point that we might have totally ditched a channel or tactic we originally put at the core of our growth marketing strategy and instead found amazing results on a channel that didn’t originally make the short list. It’s all in the name of really digging into the meat of what’s working and what’s not.

That’s the benefit of working with Tuff. We start with aggressive learning, pivot quickly, don’t shy away from changing course, and relentlessly pursue real metrics like customer acquisition cost (CAC) and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Days 61-90: Big Wins & Measurable Growth

Goal: create new benchmarks, set bigger goals, feel real growth

Output: relentless optimizations, new tactics, fresh wins, and good ol’ fashioned grinding

We love to take a moment at the end of every month, then a bigger moment at the end of a full quarter of working together and step back to see what we’ve built.

Did we hit our goals? Exceed them? Where were the most notable contributing wins?

Did we discover an unexpected channel or tactic? Did it unlock a whole new target audience for us? What’s the next one?

Our insatiable curiosity paired with our unwavering eye on revenue makes Tuff a team that doesn’t step away when the machine is fully operational and working smoothly. As our partnership with you matures, it might feel like it’s on cruise control (hopefully for you!) but for us, every day is a new opportunity to reorganize the data to unearth a new insight, discover a new tactic that overlays perfectly with our goals, and otherwise help you kick ass.

Because in the end, that’s really what this is all about.

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