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  Hood River, OR

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Fresh from the creative world, I bring a strong left brain/right brain balance to every new business challenge I meet. My hunger to learn and unflinching willingness to get my hands dirty combine to make me the person that never runs out of questions. Happen to catch me away from my laptop? I’m likely flecked with dirt kicked up by my mountain bike.

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Creative Elle Ossello

Ad Creative Types That Constantly Drive Performance (Regardless of Industry)

Testing, testing, testing! As a creative team tucked inside…
April 12, 2022/by Elle Ossello
Growth Marketing Attract more engaged customers Elle Ossello

What is a Growth Marketing Agency?

Picture this: you’re a founder or startup. You have product-market…
January 29, 2021/by Elle Ossello
women working on a computer
Attract more engaged customers Elle Ossello

You’re a Startup. Should You Hire a Growth Marketing Agency?

Hello, founder! If you identify as such, you’re already…
June 4, 2021/by Elle Ossello
Person getting ready for a jog.
Facebook Advertising Influencers How growing businesses find success with Tuff Elle Ossello

Kicking Dynamic Creative Ads to the Curb: How we Decreased CPA by 66% For Joyn

Joyn represents everything positive about the future of movement.…
June 10, 2021/by Elle Ossello
email inbox
Email Marketing Strategies Winning new customers for your startup Elle Ossello

A Hill We’ll Die On: Email is Critical to Your CRO

Email marketing is a crucial way of keeping your audience…
June 14, 2021/by Elle Ossello
mobile delivery app growth
Growth Marketing Email Marketing Strategies How growing businesses find success with Tuff Elle Ossello

Wait! Come Back! How Our Email Winback Strategy Converted at 27% For Dumpling

At its simplest, Dumpling is a grocery delivery app. But…
June 25, 2021/by Elle Ossello
inbox on a phone
Email Marketing Strategies Attract more engaged customers Elle Ossello

They WANT to Hear From You: How to Use Email Drip Campaigns to Engage Your Best Customers

If you’ve been following Tuff for truly any amount of time,…
July 21, 2021/by Elle Ossello
developing ad creative on a computer
Creative Transform clicks into results Elle Ossello

The Beginner’s Guide to High-Performance, Channel-Specific Ad Creative

When balancing the main components of a growth marketing…
August 11, 2021/by Elle Ossello
Creative Winning new customers for your startup Elle Ossello

5 Tips for Making Great (and Cost Effective) Video Ad Creative

In two short words, we can sum up the whole point of this…
September 8, 2021/by Elle Ossello
designing video ad creative for Facebook
Creative Elle Ossello

Bow Down to Data: How We Use Metrics to Dictate Creative (+ Creative Analysis Templates)

“Do you make creative?” This is the question (that we…
October 26, 2021/by Elle Ossello
watching tiktok ads on mobile
Creative Elle Ossello

The 5 Main Components of Effective TikTok Ad Creative

TikTok…it’s a tough nut to crack. Not only because it’s…
February 28, 2022/by Elle Ossello

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