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From 1,018 Applications to 2 New Tuff Team Members

Editor’s Note: We decided to work with a Talent & People Ops consultant, Mary, to help us make these hires. As a relevant consideration when deciding to hire, we felt we could make these hires without external support. But we wanted to move fast without sacrificing time on sales or Tuff’s client growth and decided […]

The Best of 2019…So Far

It’s time for end of the quarter reflection. Here at Tuff, we love the transition from one quarter to the next. It’s a chance to zoom out and take a higher level view of how we’ve been doing on Tuff’s internal goals as well as how we’re performing for clients. We always try to go […]

A Step-by-Step Guide for Running a Chatbot Test in 2019

It’s pretty dang hard to get around the internet these days without hearing about chatbots and ‘the future of AI’. It’s a hot topic and something we’re pretty excited about. I’m pretty strict about what I subscribe to and here is my inbox filtering for AI (so not including emails using chatbot specifically). We’ve been […]

5 Ways Your Support and Marketing Teams Can Work Together For a Better Customer Experience

Better customer experience is a key growth advantage. In order to retain the customers you’ve worked so hard to acquire, you have to deliver. With great power, comes great responsibility. Whether you want to attribute that quote to Voltaire or Peter Parker’s uncle in Spiderman, it’s true for anyone delivering customer support or working directly […]

11 Customer Retention Strategies You Can Implement Today

What is customer retention and why should I care? Most people are familiar with the leaky bucket metaphor. You have your trusty bucket that you’re rapidly filling with a hose. Things are going well, the bucket is filling up with water, until you start to notice the water is staying at the same level. Then, […]

Respond To Negative Feedback Online: A Complete Guide

Sitting down at the four-person table next to the window, you take a minute to scour the menu. Torn between the fish tacos and margarita pizza, you go with the fish tacos because you’re craving cilantro. You continue making conversation with your lunch date when the waiter comes out bringing you a cheeseburger. It wasn’t […]