Ad Creative Trends Report

Creative Testing Frameworks and Insights from 50+ Ad Accounts to Help You Achieve Your Best Media Results in 2024

In today’s competitive landscape, winning the ad game requires being the best at creative. It’s one of the primary levers brands can pull to gain a competitive edge.

We’ve been right where you are, working closely with hundreds of marketers and executives. Together, we’ve fine-tuned a creative testing process that boosts your success rate, helps you learn more quickly, and drives steady ROI.

Our guide will help you master the strategies and tactics that separate successful companies from the rest.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Tuff’s Creative ROI Calculator: This tool will help you project and benchmark your creative results, ensuring you’re on the right track.
  • Data-Backed Channel-Specific Insights: Discover the top-performing ad hooks, styles, and trends on various platforms — all backed by solid data.
  • A Repeatable System for Winning Creatives: We’ll show you how to set up a system that consistently produces successful creative content.
  • Designing Better Experiments: Learn how to create experiments that turbocharge your creative resources and make the most of your efforts.

Part 1

Unlocking your investment: Creative ROI calculator for projecting and validating results

You wouldn’t throw your money at media without tracking it against specific KPIs and targets, right? Well, the same principle applies to your ad creative. That’s precisely why we created our creative ROI calculator. It’s designed to help brands determine whether diving into creative testing is a worthwhile investment, and if so, what kind of impact it could have on their revenue.

Tuff’s ROI calculator for performance creative is a powerful tool we use to evaluate how well your creative performs within specific ad campaigns. It provides insights into the effectiveness of your creative in generating revenue and offers a glimpse into the potential improvements that could be made.

Part 2

Data-backed insights on the top-performing ad hooks, styles, and trends by platform


We analyzed over 50 ad accounts on Meta and TikTok to understand which types of creative drive the most efficient results. At Tuff, we’re performance-driven, so most campaigns in our data set were optimized for a conversion of some kind.

Because costs per conversion drastically differ from one industry to another, our guiding KPI for the insights by channel below is click-through rate. On average, the CTR on Meta hovered at 0.92% between all ad accounts analyzed, compared to TikTok, which averaged a 0.61% CTR.

Part 3

How to launch a repeatable system for producing winning creatives

In today’s world of advertising, brands must make the most of their resources. With soaring media costs, an abundance of platforms, and fierce competition, random ad testing just isn’t a viable option anymore.

Successful brands recognize the need to get it right from the get-go by implementing a strategic approach to creative testing. This approach doesn’t just increase your chances of success. It also enhances the quality of insights gained and leads to a more consistent return on investment.

Here at Tuff, we’ve taken this challenge head-on. We’ve established an in-house performance creative team that has collaborated with hundreds of brands to craft winning creative solutions that make the most of their budget.

Part 4

How to design better experiments to supercharge your creative resources

To set up a successful A/B test for media campaigns and effectively test creative, the creative and media teams must collaborate closely. These teams need to work seamlessly together as one integrated unit.

Often, brands may rely on the creative team solely for assets and the media team solely for campaign management. In reality, the best results are achieved when these two teams work hand in hand. Creatives must have a deep understanding of the media plan, audience strategy, and platform allocations. After all, how can they design assets that truly resonate with the right audience, platform, or spending level if they don’t have this knowledge?

The same holds true for the media team. They need to grasp the message testing strategy, understand the number of concepts the creative team is developing, and design a campaign plan that not only facilitates creative testing but also allows for scalable growth once a winning approach is identified.

The all-too-common scenario of media and creative teams working in isolation can lead to serious financial consequences. To avoid this, maintaining open feedback loops and encouraging collaboration between these teams has never been more critical.

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