Actionable, scalable growth marketing strategy & execution for startups.

We’ll grow your business with less hassle, risk, and cost with growth marketing strategy and execution.

What’s been your startup’s growth marketing plan so far?

We take our time to ask the right questions, learn your business, and review your accounts. By digging into the data surrounding your growth goals, we then put together a tailored plan to help test new channels, reach the right audiences, and increase revenue. From here, our channel specialists partner with you to launch high-impact campaigns, get key learnings, then invest in additional campaigns to scale up what works.

Case Study: Xendoo + Tuff

From seed to Series A and beyond in 3 years.

We’ve partnered with Xendoo to radically grow their online results. Three years later, our partnership is still going strong, averaging hundreds of leads per month.

Key Stats:


increase in visits


increase in leads


decrease in cost

The Problem:

Xendoos’s internal team was ready for growth, but they needed to quickly identify the highest ROI channel and then scale it.

The Solution:

Tuff and Xendoo developed a growth marketing plan for six months, which included landing page optimizations, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Quora, LinkedIn, and retargeting. Three years later, our partnership is still going strong, averaging hundreds of leads per month.

“Not only are they a true pleasure to work with, they achieve phenomenal results.

Highly recommend the team to people that are committed to growing their business. When you hire TUFF, prepare to hang on for a great ride.”

Lil Roberts
Founder, Xendoo

Startups often set themselves back a year by hiring the wrong team.

As your business grows, so does the complexity of hiring the right people. Don’t set your business a year back by hiring the wrong growth marketer. Instead, work with the multi-disciplinary executors at Tuff to grow your business with less hassle and risk. We offer flexible one-to-three month contracts.

What We Do

We’re experts at a variety of growth marketing tools. How can we help you succeed?

Hyper-growth businesses need a data-driven vision and an all-encompassing game plan. That’s what we are here for. We partner with you to set the roadmap and then get to work experimenting with a variety of different tactics based on our goals.

Pay Per Click

Our team will prioritize high-impact PPC campaigns to quickly drive R.O.I. and key learnings, then invest in additional campaigns to scale what works.


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Social Advertising

Every campaign is tailored to your audience and built just for you based on insights from hundreds of campaigns.


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Conversion Rate Optimization

Once we’ve started learning from PPC, we can run experiments to optimize conversion rate through tailored landing pages and email capture.


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Search Engine Optimization

We’ll drive qualified leads and make sure you show up where it matters most -— whether it’s your site, on search engines, or the top sites in your niche.

Google AnalyticsGoogle Search ConsoleAhrefsMoz

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Email Marketing

We’ll audit (or develop) your existing email flows and work to identify testing opportunities to get more people to take action.


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Influencer Marketing

We design and run performance-based influencer campaigns that will drive revenue and user growth by finding the right audiences.


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Is Tuff right for you?

“Tuff has been a trusted partner of my company.

They deliver quality work and clearly communicate what’s being done and when. I especially appreciate Tuff’s ability to manage projects from start-to-finish and provide guidance on how we can best achieve our goals. Tuff has proven to be an important strategic and tactical resource for us.”

Geoff Duncan
CMO, Property Force


Growth with less hassle and risk.

Instead of paying us an hourly rate, you pay us a fixed rate, and then we allocate our time, people, and resources that make the most sense for your strategy at that point in time. We offer flexible month-to-month contracts.


Ideal for
getting started


You’ll work with a proven growth marketing lead to help you with strategy and execution.

Weekly Hours: 5-7

Specialists: 1

Tactics: 1-2

Meetings: Bi-Weekly


Ideal for
growing brands


Grow your business on demand with campaign strategy and execution from a three-person, specialized team.

Weekly Hours: 12-15

Specialists: 2-3

Tactics: 3-5

Meetings: Weekly


Ideal for
larger teams


We’ll plug-in with your existing team to help you optimize channels and scale efficiencies.

Weekly Hours: 20+

Specialists: 3-5

Tactics: 5-7

Meetings: Twice per week

Plus: Slack Integration, Daily Reporting & Weekly Data Analysis

As your business grows, so does the complexity of hiring the right people. Finding the right marketing help for your specific needs, whether outsourced or in-house, can be a huge hassle and full of risks.

The average pay for a full-time Growth Marketing Strategists is $100,000+. That’s a big investment to make in the early stages. We want to minimize the risk as much as possible and work with companies to grow their businesses with campaign strategy and execution from a versatile team. Our goal is to run experiments, drive positive ROAS, and get you ready to hire a head of growth in-house when the timing is right.

Hire us to be your plug-in growth marketing team.

We like to share these case studies to articulate how we help businesses grow. But, a great partnership is also about people. Ready to learn more?