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Tuff Team

Tuff Team: PPC

The House that Built Tuff: Building the PPC Team with “Coach” Chris Alarcon

Chris was the very first addition to Tuff’s PPC team and he spills the beans on building the team. Plus you’ll hear some very Chris-y conversation about being Nashville’s leading soccer coach (in our hearts), and the best tunes for when you’re deep in Google Ads Manager.

Tuff Team: Growth Marketing

Building furniture and growth roadmaps with Kristin Dick, Sr. Growth Marketer & Head of Operations

When Kristin joined the Tuff team she did so as a social ads strategist. Now, nearly a year and a half later she’s transitioned into a growth marketer role, become head of operations, and a well-respected team leader. Together, she and Richard dig into her story of transformation and save plenty of time to talk about her multitude of hidden talents and skills plus her go-to knock-your-socks-off cake recipe.

Tuff Team: Social Ads

How the Super Bowl kicked off an amazing career with David Lawson, Social Ads Strategist

David is a new dad and this fun, lively conversation kicks off with a discussion about how awesome it is to be able to balance parenting with building a fun career. We also hear about David’s STRONG opinions of the best basketball teams to follow and finally get a taste about how this social ads legend got his start.

Tuff Talk

Tuff Reviews

Tuff Review by Apothekary

“Profitable growth all the way”

Here, Shizu chats about how we were able to have conversations about keeping metrics like average order value (AOV) squarely in sight when looking at marketing budgets to make sure that, ultimately, it all resulted in profitable growth.

Tuff Review by Anahola Granola

“Experience, reliable, incredible”

It’s one thing to see results. It’s another to actually understand the ins and outs of your agency’s growth strategy and feel the positive effects of real transparency and collaboration. Here, Malia breaks down how it boosted Anahola Granola’s growth trajectory!

Tuff Reviews by Canoe Club

“They cut the crap.”

One of Sarah’s big frustrations with growth marketing in the past is that she was made to feel like it was all one big mystery. So, instead of hiding behind buzzwords and fancy acronyms, she’s happy to report that the thing she likes about working with us: we cut the crap.

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