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Career Hopping, Great Leadership and the Makings of Teachable with Jill Hittman

Jill Hittman, VP of Marketing, Teachable


Take a peek at Jill’s resume and you’ll see a long list of super varied job experiences—from her beginnings at an agency to forays into many different industries, and business types, she’s ultimately found herself at Teachable. Tune in to hear her talk about how her diversity of experience has shaped her business acumen, stick around to hear about how much top Teachable creators make annually (hint, it’s well over 6 figures).


We’re helping you change the world by giving you the tools to share your knowledge through online courses and coaching.

One big piece of advice

A good leader is someone who’s extremely transparent—so really helping to make the connection between different teams of people and being really open about what the expectations are, what the goals are, what the KPIs are, and how you ensure that people are being set up for success.

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