3 Secrets to Getting More Foundation Repair Leads from Google Ads

We sometimes get questions about how other local business clients work with Tuff to reach their growth goals — so we’re sharing some stories to help bring our services to life. Meet KC Waterproofing.

KC Waterproofing specializes in foundation repair and basement waterproofing, serving homeowners in the entire Kansas City metro area and beyond. Although they had been running Google Ads for over a year, KC Waterproofing didn’t feel confident about their campaigns and were left guessing about results and deliverables. Looking to build up defense against local competitors while increasing qualified sales leads, they turned to Tuff to help them refine their Google Ads efforts. 

Within the first two months of working together, we were able to cut spend year-over-year last month by 17% while increasing leads by 85% with Google Ads. That translated into more leads for less and a massive spike in revenue. 

Google ads for foundation repair results.

Why KC Waterproofing Turned to Google Ads

For many businesses in the foundation repair and basement waterproofing business, Google Ads can feel like you’re throwing money away on a regular basis. Sure you can get a bunch of clicks, but it’s hard to get the right clicks that actually turn into a lead. 

After working with local businesses for the last three years, however, we’ve learned how to reliably produce quality leads from Google Ads. Here are three of our favorite strategies and ideas that can help you show up locally when it matters most: 

Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing Playbook:

Get granular with keywords and adgroups

Relevance is key when you are running ads on Google. For example, when someone searches “foundation repair in crawl space”, they want to see and click on an ad that mentions ‘Crawl Space’ rather than a generic ad that just talks about foundation repair. This makes sense, right? People want a quick solution to their problem and are more likely to click on an ad their specific concern understands them and their needs.

When you structure your campaigns, organize keywords into different ad groups, and each ad group will only show ads for the keywords in that ad group. Here’s an example of how we started with KC Waterproofing: 

Google ads account for foundation repair.

So, in the  “sump pump installation” ad group, we only put sump pump keywords in that ad group to serve on Google. Then, we wrote ad copy specifically for “sump pump installation” for that ad group. The same goes for all the other campaigns and adgroups. 

Google ad for sump pump installation.

Include call-only ads

With call-only campaigns, you can encourage customers to call you by clicking your ad. And in this case, you bid to drive calls to your business instead of clicks to your website. Call Only campaigns are only served on mobile and they look like this: 

For local campaigns, these can be a strong addition to your overall Google Ads strategy. In addition to call-only ads, utilize all relevant ad extensions in Google Ads. This will help motivate searches because they have your location and phone number at their fingertips. 

Set up tracking and report on deals closed

The final, yet most important, key to running a profitable foundation repair campaign in Google Ads is high-quality tracking and reporting.  No matter how strong your keyword research, adgroup set up or campaign type, if you aren’t tackling leads, there won’t be many results. Despite the importance of conversion tracking, less than half of the local Google Ad accounts we review are effectively tracking conversions or closed deals.  

If you really want actionable data, make sure you set up the below: 

Google Analytics
With Google Analytics, build-out goals so you can accurately track leads. From there, you can integrate your Google Analytics and Google Ads account to give you more actionable insights like campaign performance, time on site, bounce rate, and keyword health. For KC Waterproofing, this helps us analyze customer activity on the website after an ad click. 

Conversion Tracking
For foundation repair, a conversion is typically counted when a customer fills out a quote, contact form, or calls a phone on your website. Once you have all the conversion action you want to tack, it only takes a few minutes (and some basic HTML) to get conversion tracking up and running for your campaign.

Call Tracking
For KC Waterproofing, 70% of their monthly leads come from phone calls. Google Ads, along with other call tracking services like CallRail, can show you which search keywords are driving the most calls aso you can allocate more spend to top performers. 

Lead Tracking
At Tuff, we leverage a shared spreadsheet with KC Waterproofing that integrates with their internal CRM. This gives us the ability to see beyond a phone call or form fill to understand lead quality and return. We can see how many leads received a quote, how many leads were lost, and how many leads actually closed that month. 

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