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Ellen Jantsch

  Eagle, CO

About Ellen

As the founder of Tuff, I get to lead a team of incredible growth marketers who are actively helping our partners generate more leads and sales with ppc, social, and organic campaigns. One of my favorite parts about being a business owner is that it gives me the opportunity to get outside my comfort zone daily and learn at a high speed.

Before starting Tuff, I had the opportunity to work in-house at Uppercase, Adaptly, and Nielsen.

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Working on a marketing budget for a startup.
Winning new customers for your startup Ellen Janstch

How to Set Your Testing Budget For New Channels

One of the biggest growth challenges startups face is finding…
April 15, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
Sticky notes on the wall.
Attract more engaged customers Ellen Janstch

How We Build Growth Marketing Strategies at Tuff (with examples from past clients)

With Tuff, I’ve been fortunate to work with a range of…
July 27, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
Attract more engaged customers Ellen Janstch

9 Growth Marketers You Should Be Following Right Now

Want to learn more about growth marketing?
We rounded up…
August 14, 2019/by Ellen Jantsch
building a growth marketing strategy for a business on a computer
Attract more engaged customers Ellen Janstch

Every Growth Marketing Framework and Formula Ever

Building a reliable, scalable growth marketing engine is…
January 17, 2022/by Ellen Jantsch
Email onboarding flow computer.
Email Marketing Strategies How growing businesses find success with Tuff Ellen Janstch

Onboarding Emails: Three things that increased clicks by 50%

Installs, sign-ups, trials, and demos mean nothing if you…
April 21, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
How growing businesses find success with Tuff Ellen Janstch

How To Build Conversion Focused Landing Pages That Drive Leads

We sometimes get questions about how other clients work with…
August 15, 2018/by Ellen Jantsch
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LinkedIn Ellen Janstch

15 LinkedIn Advertising Stats to Get You Started Today

Whether it’s Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, or Facebook, each…
August 31, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
How growing businesses find success with Tuff Ellen Janstch

16,947 App Installs Later: 8 Simple Ways to Grow Your App Installs With Facebook and Google Campaigns

We sometimes get questions about how other clients work with…
September 3, 2019/by Ellen Jantsch
A person reviewing data on google search console
SEO Ellen Janstch

How to Increase Your Organic Traffic by 117% in 90 Days: The Inside Story of Salam’s SEO Strategy

When it comes to driving traffic and revenue from organic…
January 25, 2022/by Ellen Jantsch
YouTube Advertising
Using YouTube Ads to grow your business Ellen Janstch

28 YouTube Ad Stats to Get You Started Today

Not sure if YouTube Advertising is the right advertising…
May 19, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
PPC Ellen Janstch

Top 5 Common PPC Questions Our Paid Acquisition Expert Answers

Running paid ads on Google, Facebook, and various other paid platforms is often new and exciting to any business
July 12, 2018/by Ellen Jantsch
Creating a great place to work Ellen Janstch

Tuff’s Social Ads Strategist, Kristin, on A/B Testing Ads and Smoked Chicken Recipes

Meet Kristin, a Social Ads Strategist at Tuff. Kristin partners…
December 21, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
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