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Advertising brand on Instagram.
Ellen Janstch Facebook Advertising Scaling your ecommerce brand

A Crash Course in Instagram Audiences for Your Social Media Ads

With a global following of over one billion active monthly…
January 23, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
A team of marketers sitting at a table with computers.
Ellen Janstch

Best Growth Marketing Agencies in Nashville in 2020

There are a ton of great growth marketing agencies in Nashville…
June 15, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
Ellen Janstch Scaling your ecommerce brand

Inside Look: How We Use ECommerce Retargeting to Increase Sales

We’ve all had this experience:

You’re scrolling your…
July 19, 2019/by Ellen Jantsch
Man typing on his computer.
Ellen Janstch LinkedIn

15 LinkedIn Advertising Stats to Get You Started Today

Whether it’s Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, or Facebook, each…
August 31, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
Attract more engaged customers Ellen Janstch Winning new customers for your startup

How to Find Your User Acquisition Channels

Figuring out which user acquisition channels are going to…
December 15, 2018/by Ellen Jantsch
Ellen Janstch Facebook Advertising How growing businesses find success with Tuff

How To Scale User Growth Using Facebook Ads

We sometimes get questions about how other clients work with…
June 20, 2018/by Ellen Jantsch
Creating a great place to work Ellen Janstch

How We’ve Connected Salary to Both Personal and Company Growth


Whether you finish the rest of that word with -ensation…
June 24, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
Ellen Janstch Other Topics

Every single result from our campaigns in Q1 & Q2 (and learnings for Q3 & Q4)

Finding the right paid acquisition channels is the key to…
July 25, 2019/by Ellen Jantsch
DSW banner
Attract more engaged customers Ellen Janstch

DSW: How to Run Marketing Experiments Quickly and Find Big Wins

With Tuff, I’ve been fortunate to work with a range of…
September 16, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
Person working at a computer.
Ellen Janstch Winning new customers for your startup

13 Ready-to-Go Growth Marketing Spreadsheets Startups Can Use to Boost Productivity

Note: this post was updated in September 2021 with two new…
April 4, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
Ellen Janstch How growing businesses find success with Tuff

How To Build Conversion Focused Landing Pages That Drive Leads

We sometimes get questions about how other clients work with…
August 15, 2018/by Ellen Jantsch
Example of an ecommerce email on a phone.
Ellen Janstch Email Marketing Strategies Other Topics

A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Your eCommerce Store

If you sell products online, you have a lot of options when…
June 25, 2020/by Ellen Jantsch
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About Ellen

As the founder of Tuff, I get to lead a team of incredible growth marketers who are actively helping our partners generate more leads and sales with ppc, social, and organic campaigns. One of my favorite parts about being a business owner is that it gives me the opportunity to get outside my comfort zone daily and learn at a high speed.

Before starting Tuff, I had the opportunity to work in-house at Uppercase, Adaptly, and Nielsen.

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