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  Nashville, TN

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Hey, I’m Chris! I’m a PPC Strategist based in Nashville, Tennessee with over 5 years of hands-on PPC experience and campaign management. When I’m not scaling Google Ads & YouTube campaigns, I enjoy longboarding, playing soccer, and a little bit of gaming.

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PPC Chris Alarcon

Why We Love Google Discovery Ads: Cheap CPCs and High Quality Traffic

Google Ads has a plethora of strengths when compared to other…
November 5, 2020/by Chris Alarcon
PPC Chris Alarcon

The Biggest Mistake Most Businesses Make When Investing in PPC

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with…
December 4, 2020/by Chris Alarcon
PPC YouTube Chris Alarcon

Non-Branded Custom Intent Targeting on YouTube: Cut Your CPCs by 50%

It’s no secret that YouTube Ads are extremely effective…
January 26, 2021/by Chris Alarcon
PPC Winning new customers for your startup Chris Alarcon

The 30-Minute PPC Audit Anyone Can Do

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with new links…
January 1, 2020/by Chris Alarcon
typing on ipad
YouTube Chris Alarcon

How To Build a YouTube Ad Strategy From Scratch

Author’s Note: This post was updated on March 8, 2023, with…
October 15, 2021/by Chris Alarcon
PPC How growing businesses find success with Tuff Chris Alarcon

Google Ads: How Tuff Optimizations Turned $172 of Extra Ad Spend Into $192,853 More in Sales

Does this post look familiar? We originally published it…
May 8, 2020/by Chris Alarcon
running ads on spotify
PPC Chris Alarcon

Spotify Ads: How Our Clients Are Using This (And You Can Too!)

Testing new ad platforms to diversify the channel mix for…
January 26, 2022/by Chris Alarcon
PPC Chris Alarcon

4 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Retargeting Ad Campaigns

Getting traffic to your site can be time consuming and expensive,…
March 30, 2020/by Chris Alarcon
Attract more engaged customers Chris Alarcon

More Data, Better Results: How We’re Leveraging Google Analytics 4 To Drive Growth

Whether it's optimizing paid spend, identifying the right channel…
July 14, 2022/by Chris Alarcon
A person shopping online.
PPC Scaling your ecommerce brand Chris Alarcon

How To Optimize Your Google Shopping Product Feed

Google shook up the world of eCommerce when it announced…
April 24, 2020/by Chris Alarcon
YouTube on a mobile phone.
Using YouTube Ads to grow your business Chris Alarcon

YouTube Advertising in 2020: Example Ad Campaigns From Tuff Clients

Incredible reach, narrow audience targeting, and the chance…
May 14, 2020/by Chris Alarcon
A man using social listening tools on his computer.
Winning new customers for your startup Chris Alarcon

How To Create Your Own Automated Social Listening Tool

As marketers, it’s often easy, and comfortable, to remain…
July 16, 2020/by Chris Alarcon
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