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How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost?

It’s a simple truth that success in business requires success in advertising. As the market presence of eCommerce continues to explode, online advertising becomes more important with each passing day. For many business owners, online advertising begins and ends with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. However, while LinkedIn Ads cost more, savvy marketing professionals recognize […]

Top LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies (+1 Bonus Lead Gen Experiment)

As a business owner, chances are good that you have some type of familiarity with the LinkedIn platform. Maybe you’ve used the world’s most famous business networking website to meet more leaders and experts in your space, as a recruitment tool for finding top talent or to share a piece of content about your business. But […]

Pairing Market Boom With an eCommerce Growth Strategy

When we think about a brand as a good fit for us at Tuff, we look to their current traction and historical growth. How’s their momentum currently and how have they been growing? Based on the answers to these questions, we then think through whether our team will be helpful to them. Will our strength in […]

3 Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Brand Ambassadors

As we’ve previously discussed in our Influencer Playlist, Finding The Right Brand Ambassador is not an afternoon task that will quickly yield high returns. Influencer Marketing and Brand Ambassador Programs take time to develop and rarely produce massive returns. You will need to define your campaign strategy and goals, assemble a dedicated team, and execute […]

7 Well-Designed Landing Page Examples

Well designed landing pages are no easy feat, but much easier to make happen and do well than 10-years ago. With a whole host of tools and content for landing pages at your disposal, developing one for your business has never been easier.  Before you dive into your first landing page, we recommend doing your […]

Compensation Models For Influencers

How to compensate your influencers for a brand ambassador or influencer marketing strategy is an important part of your program that you must figure out before you start reaching out and finding influencers for your brand.  The problem is that there is no “right way” to compensate an influencer or brand ambassador for your brand. […]

Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rate with 72-Hour CRO Sprints

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with new links and examples for you to use!  When you sell services, products, or platforms online one of the most important metrics is your website conversion rate. It tells you what percentage of your site visitors are converting to customers.  Despite the importance of a website conversion […]

How To Write, Build, and Test Landing Pages

Like a strategic blog post series or email marketing drip campaign, landing pages should be a part of any startup, eCommerce, or enterprise business’ online marketing toolkit. From creation to testing, tweaking, and more testing, this conversion rate optimization process can help to increase conversion rates when done correctly. Too many founders and marketers create […]

Effective YouTube Ads For Ecommerce

Youtube viewers watch on average 5 billion videos every single day.  From discovering new music to learning a new skill or brushing up on your trivia knowledge, Youtube has a channel or selection of videos for just about everything.  With so many topics and consistent, focused views by consumers, Youtube is one of the best […]

How We Boosted Koala’s eCommerce Conversion Rate by 153%

New Mexico based Hangtime Gear is an early stage startup designing innovative mobile accessories.  Their core product is the KOALA Super Grip Phone Harness – a smartphone holder with a leash and clasp that secures to any fabric keeping your phone safe from drops, damage, and loss.  The KOALA was originally a 2019 IndieGoGo Campaign […]