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A Complete Guide to Improve Ecommerce CRO

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with new links and examples for you to use!  Despite the importance of eCommerce conversion rate optimization, in our experience, the tactic can get overlooked. Simply put, eCommerce CRO is a tactic that can make tremendous improvements to your bottom line, without acquiring additional traffic than what you’re […]

Zero Party Data: What It Means + Why And How You Should Be Collecting It

As a growth marketing agency, our ability to access customer data is a major (if not the most important) factor in developing growth marketing strategies and executing them to find traction or scale. That’s why—before we spend a dollar with a new partner—we make sure proper tracking is set up and correctly capturing the user’s […]

The Best Attribution Model for B2C and eCommerce Brands

Attribution is a big topic in the growth marketing world and for good reason. Knowing which channels, campaigns, audiences, and ads hold the most value for your brand’s performance is incredibly important for growth.  The challenge for B2C and eCommerce businesses though is that running multi-channel growth marketing strategies with perfect attribution is incredibly difficult. […]

Boosting Conversion Rate for AKKO: Social Ad Strategy + Creative + Web Design

The ability to combine strong social ad strategy with high quality ad creative and landing page optimization has been one of my biggest strategic wins of 2021 as a Growth Marketer at Tuff. Turns out, it’s also one of the best ways to drive the strongest traffic to a page to convert an action.  The […]

“Bikes:” How We Helped Cleary Rank on Page 1 And Snag a Slice of the 135k Monthly Search Volume

Cleary Bikes is not just any kids bike brand. The company—based out of Oakland, CA—makes among the highest-quality kids bikes out there. Their philosophy: instead of giving your kid training wheels and a rickety frame as they’re taking their first pedal strokes on their own, give them a sized-down experience of what it’s really like […]

Stacking the Top of the Funnel: How We Captured High-Value Email Leads for Canoe Club

Among our list of eCommerce partners, the central focus of nearly all of their growth marketing strategies is the same: grow revenue. So, in order to do this, channel selection and tactics are primarily focused on driving customers to their websites who convert the most efficiently. That way, we’ll be able to scale their businesses […]

Pairing Market Boom With an eCommerce Growth Strategy

When we think about a brand as a good fit for us at Tuff, we look to their current traction and historical growth. How’s their momentum currently and how have they been growing? Based on the answers to these questions, we then think through whether our team will be helpful to them. Will our strength in […]

3 Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Brand Ambassadors

As we’ve previously discussed in our Influencer Playlist, Finding The Right Brand Ambassador is not an afternoon task that will quickly yield high returns. Influencer Marketing and Brand Ambassador Programs take time to develop and rarely produce massive returns. You will need to define your campaign strategy and goals, assemble a dedicated team, and execute […]

7 Well-Designed Landing Page Examples

Well designed landing pages are no easy feat, but much easier to make happen and do well than 10-years ago. With a whole host of tools and content for landing pages at your disposal, developing one for your business has never been easier.  Before you dive into your first landing page, we recommend doing your […]

Compensation Models For Influencers

How to compensate your influencers for a brand ambassador or influencer marketing strategy is an important part of your program that you must figure out before you start reaching out and finding influencers for your brand.  The problem is that there is no “right way” to compensate an influencer or brand ambassador for your brand. […]