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Do Spark Ads Get Better Results on TikTok? (Yes, but it’s Complex)

With Facebook getting more challenging by the day, many advertisers and marketers are turning their attention to advertising on TikTok. It seems like every day there is another statistic about how TikTok is growing into a massive platform for not just Gen Z but Millennials and older generations as well.  Hours are spent scrolling through […]

LinkedIn Ads Best Practices: 4 Tips for Your Next Campaign

  You’d be forgiven for dismissing LinkedIn as just a place that people go to when they’re looking for jobs. After all, that’s how it was marketed to so many of us not so long ago. But LinkedIn has evolved.  From posts from founders confiding about business decisions they’ve had to make, to professional communities […]

We Spent $100k on TikTok Video Ads in 30 Days and Pulled These Benchmarks

One of the challenges that aspiring TikTok advertisers and agencies often run into as they plan their TikTok Ads campaigns is benchmarking. How do our results stack up against the industry or even just other campaigns we manage? How do we know if our TikTok ad campaign is successful compared to other campaigns? Having benchmark […]

Why Should I Use Nextdoor Advertising?

2022 has brought a lot of surprises to the macro environment for both marketers and consumers. A new favorite game we’ve started playing across the social ads team at Tuff is “which prices increased more this week” – gas prices at our local gas station, or CPMs for our Facebook campaigns. For some of our […]

How to Use Google Analytics to Discover Lookalike Audiences

Do you remember where were you on the day that the digital advertising world stood still? Do you remember what you were doing when iOS14.5 loaded onto scores of devices overnight before their owners even reached onto the nightstand to grab them and open up their social media app of choice? Our growth marketing agency jumped […]

Advertising on Pinterest: Ad Formats, Campaign Types & Best Practices for 2022

Imagine someone is preparing for a trip to Oahu for the first time. They’ve never been a big traveler and they honestly can’t remember the last time they took off from work for a week and took a vacation. They don’t know what to do when they get there. They don’t know how to pack. […]